‘The View’ Hosts Show ‘Love’ for Wendy Williams Amid Addiction: ‘I Wanted to Understand What Happened to My Friend’

The fellow daytime talk show hosts spoke about how heartbroken they were to see what had happened to her in the new docuseries.

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Image Credit: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for Vulture Festival

Whoopi GoldbergSunny Hostin, and their fellow co-hosts on The View expressed support for Wendy Williams as her struggles with addiction were shown in the new documentary Where Is Wendy Williams? The ladies began their show by talking about Wendy and her battle with addiction as well as her conservatorship on Tuesday, February 27.

After they walked out at the top of the broadcast, Whoopi spoke about how the hosts had welcomed Wendy’s nieces to the show to talk about the documentary and issues that the former radio personality and talk show host had been going through. “Wendy’s been a friend of ours for many years,” the Sister Act star said. “We’re putting this out there so families who may be going through this kind of crisis [know] that they’re not alone and how they can move forward to try and  get help.”

Later in the discussion, Sunny mentioned her longstanding friendship with Wendy and wanted the best for her. “I had the pleasure of being Wendy’s legal eagle on her radio show,” she said.

Wendy is seen leaving ‘The View’ in 2019. (Raymond Hall/GC Images)

She continued and said that the documentary was agreed to be made “before she was incapacitated,” and she wanted people to have an understanding of all that Wendy has been through “I went to see it and watch it with her niece, because I wanted to understand what happened to my friend,” Sunny said. “It was supposed to be a show about her comeback, but she was in the throes of addiction. I think we also have to remember that the pandemic happened, that her husband had an affair and had a baby with another woman and they got divorced. We also have to remember that she lost her mother, who was her best friend. So we’re seeing a confluence that would take anyone out, but she’s still standing.”

Sunny finished by saying that she wanted both her friend and her family to come out the other side. “She is in this guardianship. Her family clearly loves her,” she said. “I just wish all the best for her, and I hope I get to see my friend again.”

At other points in the discussion, the women both praised Wendy’s abilities as a TV host and broadcaster, while discussing both the pros and cons of the documentary, showing both her addiction and guardianship. Joy Behar called Wendy a “singular talent” and praised her ability to talk make subjects interesting. Sara Haines spoke about how she felt the documentary was good to shed light on the important issue. “This is bringing eyes to something that’s been going on for a long time,” she said.

Alyssa Farah Griffin did speak about feeling conflicted with the documentary showing Wendy’s battle with addiction, as her sister also struggled. “We met her family. I have no doubt they have the best of intentions for her in this. They love her,” she said. “When you’re in the throes of addiction, you’re not yourself… For me personally, I would never want her darkest, lowest points to be seen by anyone outside of the closest circle of people who love her. It was triggering for me to watch.”

Towards the end of the segment, Whoopi said that she and the other co-hosts were keeping her and her family in their thoughts throughout this difficult time. “Wendy’s where she needs to be right now. Would we like the family to have more access? Absolutely, because we want to make sure that they’re as comfortable with what’s happening as she is, and they can’t get to her, and that’s concerning for any family member. So we’re going to continue to keep our fingers crossed, and hope that this resolves itself, because it’s not an easy thing,” she said. “Our best wishes and good wishes, because as I said, she’s been a friend of the show and a friend to quite a few of us for quite some time.”

While Whoopi was also finishing her statement, Sunny had also said that they all “send our love” to Wendy and her family.