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‘Extraordinary’ Stars Tease Jen’s Reaction to Jizzlord’s Surprise, Carrie’s ‘Makeover’ & More Season 2 Scoop (Exclusive)

'Extraordinary' is back for season 2. Cast members Máiréad Tyers and Sofia Oxenham reveal what's next after that shocking cliffhanger.

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Just when Jen thought she had her life all sorted out, a massive curveball was thrown her way. Extraordinary returns for season 2 on March 6 and picks up right where the first season left off. Hollywood Life spoke exclusively with Máiréad Tyers and Sofia Oxenham about all things season 2, including how Jen is going to handle Jizzlord somehow having a wife and a child.

“It’s like all the important things feel like they’ve fallen into place. It’s like, she’s going to get her power, she’s got a boyfriend, and they’re going to have an amazing relationship. That’s where she thinks her life is now going,” Máiréad told Hollywood Life at the Television Critics Association winter press tour. “And then obviously that all comes crashing down. I think the first episode specifically he’s navigating how to tell her and figure that out, and she finds out in a kind of by-the-by way and is trying to tell him as well, so that causes a lot of problems.”

Jen’s had her fair share of life struggles already, could this revelation be a dealbreaker for her and Jizzlord’s relationship? “I would say that they try and work through it,” Máiréad teased. “They try to work through it. She puts her best foot forward. But in classic Jen style, it doesn’t always work.”

Máiréad Tyers and Sofia Oxenham in ‘Extraordinary.’ (Hulu)

Jen and Jizzlord aren’t the only ones having relationship problems in season 2. Carrie and Kash are dealing with how to be friendly exes. “It’s kind of complicated living in the same flat with your ex,” Sofia admitted. “They’re trying to navigate that and figure that out. I think it’s given her a bit of boost in energy, and she wants to find out who she is and explore herself in a different way. He’s finding it a bit harder, but they’re trying to kind of figure out how they can exist in the same space, which is complicated.”

Sofia revealed that Carrie gets a “makeover” in season 2 and “tries to really kind of throw herself into the single life and figure out who she is on her own because it’s the first time she’s been single for such a long time.”

When it comes to Jen and Carrie’s friendship, Máiréad told Hollywood Life that the girls will be “tested” again in the second season. “It’s really like quite an emotional journey that they go on together. I think Jen begins to realize how dependent she is on Carrie,” she said.

Sofia continued, “They really are each other’s support unit. I think actually Jen is really kind to Carrie when she’s going through the breakup and encourages her to find out who she is and kind of like explore that.” However, Máiréad pointed out that Carrie will realize that she “enables people to depend on her and that in order to experience full independence there needs to be more boundaries.”

Máiréad Tyers
Máiréad Tyers as Jen. (Hulu)

Jen will also be figuring out how her power, which will send her on an important personal journey in season 2. “She goes through a lot of difficult stuff and a lot of kind of real, big things and needing to kind of say goodbye to some elements of her life and reintroduce new bits to her life,” Máiréad said. “I think she wants to grow up and wants to be better and be a better person for her relationships and for her friendships, but I think she finds it hard to let go of certain bits of her.”

Jen will go to a power clinic in season 2 and cross paths with a therapist who “works with her to break down maybe emotional blockages,” which is uncharted territory for Jen. “She wants to deny a lot of it, but she’s forced to face it,” Máiréad revealed. Extraordinary season 2 will be available on Hulu in the U.S. and Disney+ across the rest of the world.