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Charlie Sheen & Denise Richards’ Daughter Sami Rocks Tiny Thong Bikini & Cowboy Hat in Sexy New Photos From Island Getaway

Sami shared pictures of herself wearing a stunning white swimsuit while enjoying the view from the Hawaiian island Kauai.  

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Sami Sheen
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Image Credit: Courtesy of Sami Sheen/Instagram

Sami Sheen is enjoying Kauai this weekend! The 19-year-old daughter of Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards shared new photos from her island getaway, and she chose a white thong bikini with a cowboy hat for the day out. “My new fav island,” she captioned her Instagram post on Thursday, February 22. 

For her tropical island, Sami posed in front of the scenic Kauai mountains. Although it was a cloudy day, the soon-to-be 20-year-old enjoyed a swim. Later on, the clouds appeared to have opened up and sunlight peaked in, making the perfect photo-op for Sami. 

Sami made headlines late last year when she interviewed with Bustle about her decision to start an OnlyFans account.  

“People think I’ve thrown my whole life away [or that] I’m a loser going nowhere in life,” she explained to the publication in October 2023. “People call me dirty and gross. They say the weirdest sh*t.” 

OnlyFans is a website used by sex workers to promote content, ranging from pornography to physical fitness influence. Despite the criticism she’s received, Sami pointed out that she has a “very, very, very supportive” boyfriend, who “helps [her] so much with all [her] content” on OnlyFans. 

“I didn’t really see myself getting into modeling until I did the Alexander Wang [lingerie] campaign,” Sami noted. “That kind of sparked something in me where I was like, ‘I actually want to do this seriously.’ My dream brands [to model for are] definitely Chanel, Charlotte Tilbury, SKIMS.” 

As most parents would react, Denise, 53, and Charlie, 58, were initially concerned about their daughter’s newfound career path. In addition to Sami, Charlie and Denise share daughter Lola and sons Max and Bob. 

The former Real Housewives franchise star told the outlet that she advised her daughter “to really think twice about doing this because there’s a certain perception with it.” 

“Then, as soon as she joined, it was viral, and she got a lot of backlash, and I was concerned about that because she’s so young,” Denise added. “I’m a grown-ass woman, and I’ve had a lot of stuff over the years [said] about me, good and bad, publicly. Even now as a grownup, it hurts still.” 

As for Charlie, the Two and a Half Men alum admitted to having “a knee-jerk reaction” when he found out about Sami’s OnlyFans account “because of the reputation that preceded it.” 

“I was just like, ‘Oh, this can only go bad,’” Charlie said. “That flies in the face of my approach to things normally, but I think when your child is involved, it presents as just a whole different alternative set of circumstances.” 

Upon realizing that going against Sami would only worsen their relationship, Charlie explained that he understood “she’s doing this and it can only be a much more successful and pleasant experience with the support of myself, her mom, and others.” 

“I have to have confidence and just know in my heart that all of her virtues and all the wonderfulness that makes her, her, come with her,” Charlie concluded. “I believe her to be incorruptible.”