Exclusive: Inside Look at Eric Spofford’s Jaw-Dropping Transformation!

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Eric Spofford
Image Credit: Eric Spofford

Recovering addict turned real estate tycoon Eric Spofford lit up Instagram with a post celebrating the end of his recovery journey. Spofford underwent a medical procedure on the 13th of December to correct and straighten out his nose. It was a relief for Spofford to move toward healing, releasing elements of his old life when he was “quick to fight” and struggling with addictions.

In an Instagram post on the 20th of December, Spofford celebrated finally seeing “what my fixed nose looks like.” He then went on to declare how happy he is with the results and the work done by the board-certified Miami plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul N. Afrooz, who specializes in aesthetic plastic surgery on the face, neck, and nose. 

Spofford notes that he did extensive research before deciding on his doctor—Dr. Afrooz came highly recommended and was the best person for the job. Further in the post, Spofford stated that he always tries to be open and honest with his followers, but that documenting his medical and healing process “hasn’t always been the easiest.”

However, he goes on to say that he had been most surprised by two things when going through this process. The first was how many men he knew had to go through the same procedure as him due to injury. “I had no idea,” Spofford stated. 

Second, he was also amazed at the number of men who messaged him to say that they had been injured and lived with it for years like he had. “My inbox has been flooded with their stories,” he said.  

To Spofford, the moral of the story is that if you need to get something done that you’re insecure about or that is broken and needs fixing, do it because you have one life. If the opportunity to live better presents itself, it’s important to take advantage quickly. Even though his healing will take time and multiple trips to the doctor, Spofford was excited to be getting to sleep with regular pillows again and noted that he had been cleared for light workouts at the gym. “But after that, it’s clear sailing,” He declared. 

Perhaps the most remarkable part of Spofford’s journey is that he did not use any painkillers besides “a few Tylenol” in the first 24 hours after his procedure. “I’m in recovery and have avoided painkillers and other mind-altering substances for 17 years. I’ve seen strong men lose their lives to messing around… with years of sobriety,” declaring that’s “not going to be me.” 

Now, as a self-made entrepreneur and real estate investor with a mid-9 figure portfolio, Eric Spofford has noted that sobriety wasn’t always easy but that it’s been worth it. “None of what I’ve accomplished would have been possible if I didn’t give up drugs and alcohol forever.” It’s an inspiring message to any who has experienced the depths of despair addiction can bring. As Spofford notes, “If you had asked me 17 years ago, I would have NEVER thought 1% of my life today was even possible.”