Kate Hudson Reveals Kurt Russell Was in O.J. Simpson’s Driveway During Infamous 1994 Car Chase

Kate and her brother, Oliver, also claimed that Kurt may have crossed paths with Ted Bundy and a member of the Manson family. 

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Kate Hudson and Kurt Russell at the Golden Globe Awards
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Kurt Russell has apparently encountered several serial killers and infamous criminals over the years. While speaking with Jimmy Kimmel, Kate and Oliver Hudso, revealed their mom Goldie Hawn’s long-time partner, 72, ran into some questionable names in the past. According to Kate, 44, and Oliver, 47, Kurt was in O.J. Simpson’s driveway during his 1994 car chase. 

“He’s always crossing paths, somehow, with, uh, killers. Like, serial killers,” Oliver said on Jimmy Kimmel Live! while sitting next to his sister in a recent episode. “Actually, he was on camera when O.J. Simpson drove into his house. He was in the driveway. You could see him on KTLA, like, ‘Huh?’ My dad. I was like, ‘What is he doing there?’” 

Kate then interjected by noting that this was during “the big chase.” 

“And Kurt … O.J. was on the 405 [freeway], and Kurt all of sudden just went, ‘Oh, he’s going home,'” the How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days star said. “Next thing you know, he gets in the car and he leaves, and he goes to O.J.’s house. I don’t know why! Just to see what happened, you know?”

Kate recalled that she and their family reacted to Kurt’s choice by asking, “’Where are you going?’ He’s like, ‘I’ll be right back.’ And then he goes with his friend.”  

“Literally, we’re watching the news because we’re watching the NBA Finals — it was interrupted,” she continued. “And we saw our dad on television behind the caution tape. It was so …”

At the time, O.J.’s high-speed chase was nationwide news. The following year, the athlete was acquitted of the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. In 1997, though, O.J. was deemed liable for their deaths after the victims’ families during a civil case, and he was ordered to pay them over $33 million for damages. 

O.J. wasn’t the only most-wanted person that Kurt ran into. While speaking with Jimmy, Kate and Oliver revealed that their stepdad likely crossed paths with Ted Bundy — who was found guilty for the murders of multiple women in the 1970s — during his escape from the Pitkin County Courthouse in 1977.  

“This is a crazy story,” Oliver began. “Kurt was camping, he had his plate of food, went to get a beer or something, comes back, and his plate of food is gone. Ted Bundy then gets caught and recounts how he survived after escaping, and he said he found a guy camping in the woods with his friends, he leaves the thing, and he go grabs and eats his food.”

To add onto Kurt’s alleged mysterious encounters, Oliver claimed that the Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood actor “beat up” Manson family member Tex Watson, which Kate noted she “might not believe.”