‘Botched’ Docs Tease ‘Extreme’ Cases in New Season & Talk TikTok’s ‘Irreversible’ Plastic Surgery Trends (Exclusive)

'Botched' is back with new episodes! Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow open up about tackling cases they 'passed on' and how they really feel about TikTok plastic surgery trends.

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Your favorite real-life doctors are tackling their toughest cases yet when Botched returns on January 18. Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow have seen their fair share of patients over the years, but these new cases have tested them in ways they haven’t been before. Hollywood Life spoke exclusively with the Botched docs about the new cases.

“This season is really characterized by extreme cases that you can see across the room,” Terry said. “These are cases you can’t really hide very well with clothing. They’re so far gone. We’re taking cases we passed on many, many seasons ago that were just too difficult.”

Terry recalled a Botched case of a woman who was “born with her intestines outside of her abdomen. They were able to save her life and replace the intestines back into the intra-abdominal space, but it destroyed her abdomen. She’s this young, pretty woman who lives in Hawaii of all places, and because her abdominal wall is so distorted, she grew up and continues to live in a situation where she can’t wear anything. The stakes were extraordinarily high. No one would even attempt to try to fix this abdominal wall.”

Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow on ‘Botched.’ (E!)

Because of his “Botched training,” Terry was able to help her. Paul also revealed that he has a case this season that will be a “tearjerker” when people see it. He worked with a young woman who severely injured her eye after a traumatic brain injury. “Everyone is going to cry with this episode,” he revealed.

Paul’s other patients this season include a 4-year-old girl who “destroyed her mouth” after drinking acid and someone who “actually has an eggplant on the side of their face.” He added, “Growing up in Mexico, no one would touch that case. That probably is, of all the procedures I did, the number one procedure of the whole 9 seasons we’re going to say that, thanks to Sharp Hospital, we were able to actually get the resources and really help this patient.”

Over the last several years, plastic surgery trends have taken over TikTok. From buccal fat removal to the “fox eye” look, the platform is influencing viewers to go under the knife. The Botched doctors weighed in on plastic surgery trends.

Dr. Paul Nassif
Dr. Paul Nassif on ‘Botched.’ (E!)

“Let me mention buccal fat. One thing to note when we’re doing facelifts, a lot of patients now will come in with or without a facelift and say, ‘Take out my buccal fat.’ So what we want to tell patients is you have to be careful,” Paul told Hollywood Life. “Yes, it may be the trend. Yes, temporarily. It may make you look slimmer right in this area here. But as you get older, we already lose fat in the face. When you become gaunt in this area here, it makes you look at least 10 years older. So be very careful about having that procedure performed.”

Terry added, “I’m just saying a lot of these things are irreversible. Today’s trends are tomorrow’s disasters, so you guys have just got to be really careful. Don’t try anything you’ve seen on TikTok. Make sure you go to a board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist where you’re having things done, and be really careful because you don’t want to kind of have to come to a Botched doctor. You know you’ve got a problem when you’ve got to come to us to fix you.”

Hollywood Life also addressed the current TikTok drama around “10-year-olds at Sephora” and adult skincare. So, do the Botched docs think this hints at more plastic surgery trends to come?

Dr. Terry Dubrow
Dr. Terry Dubrow on ‘Botched.’ (E!)

“I think so,” Terry admitted. “I must say I am a little bit of a victim of TikTok and all of the sort of videos that my iPhone is showing me all the time. But everyone’s looking for the quick fix. Everyone’s looking for the next big thing you can do that’s going to make you look better, that’s going to make your selfies pop, and your social media situation more popular. But don’t do it. If you’re seeing it online, it’s not necessarily something that’s time-tested. It’s certainly not something that doctors are doing, so be very, very careful.” New episodes of Botched air Thursday at 10 p.m. on E!