Reese Witherspoon’s Son Deacon Phillippe Gives a Tour of His Swank NYC Apartment in New Video

Deacon gave a tour of his dual-floor West Village apartment to TikToker Caleb Simpson.

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Deacon Phillippe
Image Credit: Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock

Reese Witherspoon’s son, Deacon Reese Phillippe, is living the ideal New York City lifestyle. The 20-year-old college student was approached by TikToker Caleb Simpson, who provides apartment tours to his followers. Based on Caleb’s new TikTok video, Deacon is enjoying life in the West Village. 

At the beginning of the November 14 clip, Caleb asked Deacon, “How much do you pay for rent in New York?” to which Deacon replied, “West Village prices, man.” Deacon then took Caleb through his apartment, which he shares with several roommates. But it looks like the students have plenty of room to themselves! They live in a dual-floor abode with plenty of space. 

A black winding staircase sits in the main room, which features brick walls — giving off classic NYC vibes. The spacious kitchen appears to be adjacent to the living room and features dark hardwood floors. Caleb later pointed out that the roommates have a “vinyl wall” with multiple vinyl records hanging above a keyboard. Not only that, but the space also has large paintings and other artistic designs decorated throughout. 


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Deacon also gave a brief glimpse into his room, where he has a small studio to work on music. His keyboard is perched underneath a window that overlooks part of Greenwhich Village. Though the home tour didn’t last too long, Deacon was still late for class, he noted in a comment under Caleb’s TikTok post. 

“Nice meeting you man!! Even tho you made me late to class [sic],” the musician wrote with two laughing emojis. 

In addition to Deacon, Reese, 47, shares her daughter, Ava Elizabeth, with ex-husband Ryan Phillippe. 

Deacon has had a busy week so far. Just one week ago, he flew out to L.A. to D.J. for an upscale event. Though he noted to PEOPLE that his style isn’t typically “flashy,” he wore a silver suit for the evening.   

“Usually I’m not this flashy. But you’ve got to have those in the bag, those once-in-a-while occasion looks. And that’s what I love about this, is that sparkle,” he explained, adding that he prefers to “wear stuff that’s comfortable, that I can do my job in, which is to make music and perform. Going out there tonight, I obviously want to wear something that I’m able to perform in — like this suit, which is surprisingly very comfortable.”