Keegan-Michael Key & His Wife Reveal the Funniest Movies They’ve Ever Seen (Exclusive)

The 'Key and Peele' alum also opened up about his love for physical humor, and how his relationship with his wife began as a writing partnership.

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Keegan-Michael Key and his wife Elle Key opened up about some of their favorite movies and comedy tropes in an exclusive interview with HollywoodLife. Obviously, the Schmigadoon! star, 52, knows a couple of things about comedy, and he revealed that he has a wide sense of humor. “I laugh at everything,” he said.

When asked about his comedy preferences, Keegan revealed that there are certain classics that just never go out of style. “I find everything really funny, but there’s old stuff,” he told HL. “I like a lot of physical humor and, you know, I’ll tell you when somebody falls down sometimes—you just laughed right there! It never gets old.”

Keegan and Elle have been married since 2018. (Darian DiCianno/

When asked about movies that always make him laugh, Keegan didn’t miss a beat, and he said the beloved 1980 comedy Airplane, which stars Leslie Nielsen and Robert Hays. Elle admitted that he “always quotes” it. “Airplane’s got lots of bits in it,” she said. Keegan further explained, “That’s kind of a classic, funny movie.”

While Airplane might be Keegan’s fave, Elle admitted to another underrated comedy being one of hers: 1984’s Splash, which stars Tom Hanks, Daryl Hannah, and Eugene Levy. “You know what has a lot of really fun bits is SplashSplash has some moments,” she said, before praising one of the leads. “I’m not sure if the whole thing holds up, but there are some really, really funny [moments]. Eugene Levy! Eugene Levy is phenomenal.”

Keegan and Elle have been married since 2018, and besides being husband and wife, they’ll have plenty of projects together. Most notably, the pair co-hosted the podcast The History of Sketch Comedy, which led them to co-writing the book of the same name, which was released in October. When speaking about working together, they showed that it’s easy. “We started work first. We started our partnership first,” Keegan said. “I didn’t wanna go home.”