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Bachelor in Paradise’s Hannah Godwin & Dylan Barbour Would ‘Absolutely’ Co-Star in Another Reality Show

The fan-favorite Bachelor Nation couple also revealed the ‘difference’ they’ve seen in their relationship since getting married.

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Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour
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Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour are “absolutely” open to co-starring in another reality TV show together, the Bachelor in Paradise alums exclusively told Hollywoodlife. The newlyweds opened up about the idea while promoting their collaboration with Baskin-Robbins for its flavor of the month, “Turkey Day Fixin’s.” 

“I think filming and stuff like that is so fun,” Hannah, 28, told HollywoodLife, referring to the possibility of returning to reality TV. “And I love the adrenaline rush that you get from it. Like, I almost feel like sometimes with filming or being on stage or something, it’s almost like you’re putting on the most confident, cool version of yourself sometimes. So, I always kind of liked that challenge.”

When she asked her husband, 29, whether he would join her, Dylan replied, “Yeah, it would be fun.” The entrepreneur then joked, “Maybe we’ll move to Charleston and go on Southern Charm.”

“I’m obsessed with Southern Charm,” Hannah clarified. 

Not only is the pair open to a new route down the road of reality TV, but they’re also exploring options to move to Europe someday. Hannah noted that this “would be way down the line,” but Dylan pointed out, “I can guarantee you in the next five years, we will have some sort of [place to live over there].” 

For now though, Hannah and Dylan are simply relishing in married life. As the newly minted Mr. And Mrs. Barbour, they hosted a Friendsgiving with some pals and are planning on having a “smaller” Thanksgiving with a few family members, Dylan said. 

Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour trying Baskin Robbins dessert

As for whether or not they felt a shift in their relationship after getting married, Dylan responded that there is “definitely a difference” between now and when they were dating. “Like little things,” the Vizer co-founder acknowledged. “But I would say, overall, we’re in a different place. 

“But we’ve lived together for four years now,” Dylan continued. “And so, I think … the wedding itself was, like, a blast and good to have all of our families together who haven’t met. And then afterwards, we’ve just been traveling so much [sic]. So, being able to just slow down and spend some time together over the next few months, I think is really just what we’re looking forward to.” 

As for Hannah, the marketing and business pro added that they’re both “just excited to wear sweats constantly” during the holiday season “and [to] enjoy being husband and wife.”