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David ‘Papi’ Einhorn Reveals What Guests Can Expect From Papi Steak Las Vegas

HollywoodLife's November 2023 cover star, Papi Steak owner David ‘Papi’ Einhorn, revealed what guests can expect from the new and upcoming Papi Steak Las Vegas, his favorite item on the menu, his go-to cocktail order and so much more in an exclusive Q&A.

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David ‘Papi’ Einhorn Reveals What Guests Can Expect From Papi Steak Las Vegas
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Tell us the backstory behind your nickname:

My dear friend and artist Alec Monopoly gave me the nickname many years ago. He always said I was the “papi of the party,” since I would feed all my guests and make sure everyone was having the best time.

Describe the cuisine at Papi Steak in three words:

Energetic, innovative and exquisite.

Describe the ambiance at Papi Steak in three words:

High-energy, unique and elegant.

What would you say the biggest differences are between the food scene in Miami vs. other major cities like New York or Las Vegas?

Each of these cities offers a unique culinary experience based on so many elements. I’ve brought my New York heritage to Miami in Papi Steak and I look forward to bringing that same energy to Las Vegas.

What made Vegas stand out as the place for your second restaurant?

Jeff Soffer, David Grutman and myself create an incredible trio!

What can people expect from your Vegas location?

At the new Papi Steak Las Vegas, you can expect a revival of old school hospitality infused with the entertainment elements of both Miami and Las Vegas. It will be a memorable dining experience with personalized service and interesting culinary offerings all in a lively atmosphere.

What’s your favorite thing on the menu at Papi Steak?

You can’t go wrong with the Wagyu Pastrami.

What’s your go-to cocktail order?

The Papi Steak Frank Sinatra cocktail with blueberry infused Woodinville Whiskey, Velvet Falernum, lemon and angostura is my go-to.

What’s your go-to wine order?


Where do you see Papi Steak in five years?

I see Papi Steak in the hottest cities around the world with the same energy, service and food quality as Miami.