‘House of Villains’ Preview: Corinne Olympios Flips Out on Johnny Bananas Over Mystery Note

Corinne Olympios confronts Johnny Bananas over the mystery note and then starts yelling at the entire house.

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Corinne Olympios
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This mystery note could break the House of Villains cast. In this exclusive preview of the October 26 episode, Corinne Olympios is being targeted as the possible author of the mystery note. “I did not write this note. I don’t know who wrote this note, and I’ll tell you something. Whoever wrote this note wants to turn all of us against each other,” Corinne, 31, admits.

The former Bachelor Nation star takes a beat and speaks with Johnny Bananas about the mystery note. She asks him point-blank if he’s going to put her up for elimination after he previously promised that he wouldn’t. Corinne tells Johnny, 41, that she can help him find out who wrote the note.

Johnny is already skeptical. He’s not sure if he can trust Corinne. “I swear to God on my f***ing dogs that I don’t know who wrote that f***ing note,” an angry Corinne says. “But I will find out for you. I’m not a threat to your f***ing bag. Everyone else here is, and I can f***ing help you.”

Corinne brings up that Johnny gave his word that he wouldn’t put her on the chopping block, but he points out that was before this note appeared. Suddenly, Corinne snatches the note and begins storming through the house. She yells across the house about who wrote the note.

“Who wrote this note? It wasn’t f***ing me and I’m not going to be blamed for it,” Corinne declares. No one responds to her yelling. The whole just stays silent. “No one’s gonna come out and talk? Are you guys scared of me? Am I so f***ing scary?” she yells.

Everyone is looking out for themselves. Allies in a house full of villains? It’s unclear if that’s even possible.

Johnny Bananas
Johnny Bananas on ‘House of Villains.’ (E!)

HollywoodLife recently spoke exclusively with Corinne about the cast members she didn’t vibe with while filming the show. “I think Jax [Taylor] and Omarosa are the two people I really didn’t connect with at all, and I feel like they were the most villainous,” Corinne said, before adding, “No [they’re not good people].” House of Villains airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on E!