Kylie Jenner’s New Clothing Line: Everything You Need to Know About Khy

Kylie Jenner is launching a new clothing brand called Khy, which aims to create staple pieces with a reasonable price tag.

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kylie jenner
Image Credit: WSJ. Magazine

Kylie Jenner is adding yet another company to her resume and this time, it’s in retail! On October 24, she announced the launch of her new clothing brand, Khy, through a broad Instagram post. “Meet khy,” the Kylie Cosmetics founder captioned her post, alongside a photo of her in a black leather trench coat and red pumps tagging the brand’s account. On the Khy Instagram account, you could find another photo of Kylie with the caption “coming soon.” This left fans feeling curious, but we didn’t need to wait for much longer — as we found out more details on the brand the following day.

Through an interview with the WSJ. Magazine, she shared some more details on her newest endeavor, explaining that she designed the clothing line herself, striving to create clothes that are high fashion at a reasonable price. “I put all my love into this,” she told WSJ. Kylie has started several successful businesses that are continuing to thrive, specifically Kylie Cosmetics, and has always been a fashion mogul, so fans are definitely eager for the big launch. Keep scrolling to find out everything you need to know about Kylie’s newest project.

kylie jenner
Photo Credit: WSJ. Magazine

What is Khy?

Khy is the name of Kylie’s clothing brand and the name is a play on her nickname, Ky. She added an “h” to “symbolize destiny, good fortune, and spirituality,” according to their press release.

In the interview with WSJ. Magazine, Kylie explained the motivation behind designing her own clothing line. “I knew I wanted to design my own clothes, obviously because of my love for fashion and then just creating styles and clothes that were accessible for everyone,” she shared. She wants people to feel their most “confident” when wearing her clothes.

“The whole line is really inspired by my personal wardrobe, and the different moods that I’m in,” Kylie said. She described the first Khy drop as very “King Kylie—who I am at my core.” The fashion line is co-founded by momager Kris Jenner and Emma and Jens Grede, who are also involved in other Kardashian clan’s businesses, Skims and Good American. Throughout the year, Khy will feature different guest designers and concepts.

What kind of clothes will she sell and how much will it cost?

Khy is aiming to create clothes that will become staple pieces in your wardrobe at an affordable price point.

“Khy is a homage to the limitless possibilities of fashion. We are breaking down barriers and will redefine the meaning of a designer brand, with creativity and quality at a better price,” Kylie said in a press release about the brand. “I wanted to make Khy a platform for our customers to have the opportunity to experience fashion, through new designers and brands, but at a more accessible price.”

In the first drop, you will see 12 pieces and all of them are under $200 — with black faux-leather pieces and nylon-and-elastane “base layers,” which will be in collaboration with the designers Nan Li and Emilia Pfohl of Namilia. The faux-leather mini dress will retail for $98, while a pair of black gloves with be $48. The infamous trench coat Kylie used to introduce Khy will be the most expensive piece for $198. 

The pieces in the collection will range from XXS to 4X in size.

When is Khy launching?

We don’t have to wait for long — Khy is launching on November 1 on