3D Artist Lunard Bay Proves Passion and Self-Discipline to Be Keys to Success

In today's digital age, it's easy to find countless talented artists showcasing their work, but only a few leave a lasting impact.

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Lunard Bay
Image Credit: Lunard Bay

One such artist is Max Emelyanov, affectionately known by fans and followers as Lunard Bay. His journey from a young video editor to a 3D artist sensation isn’t just about talent; it’s also about how much you can achieve when you’re passionate and work hard.

Max’s artistic journey began in his early teens. At just 14, he was introduced to video editing through After Effects, courtesy of his friend, Yoav. Hours turned into days as he immersed himself in editing videos of the PC game Call Of Duty. While this might seem like mere child’s play to some, to Max, it was a foundation-building experience that honed his skills in effects, coloring, and 3D element integration.

The Israeli Defence Forces came calling, as it does for every young Israeli. For many, it’s a pause on personal endeavors. While many would see this as a roadblock, it became Max’s unexpected platform for inspiration. Within the confines of the barracks, he found a reservoir of creativity, introducing him to the vast world of 3D art.

With the weight of military duties on his shoulders, Max’s determination saw him venturing into the world of “Blender 3D”. What’s truly astonishing is how, amid his regimented military life, he released projects that caught people’s eyes on platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Industry giants such as NvidiaStudio and Blender Nation acknowledged and celebrated his art.

Lunard Bay
Lunard Bay short film. (Courtesy of Lunard Bay)

Right after he finished military service, Max began collaborating with artists on their music videos. He was responsible for 3D animation in Ben Zini and Ilay Almakys’s music video for the song “Magia Li,” which now has over 200K views. In addition, he directed and used 3D techniques in rising Israeli hip-hop artist Liad Meir’s music video “Til Pazmar,” which now has over 1M views and became one of MTV Israel’s top 5 must-watch music videos.

Max’s 3D art skills aren’t just known to a small group of experts. Many people worldwide have seen his work without realizing it. Remember the Sidemen video that got 37 million views? Max did a lot of the art in that. And the cool images in MrBeast’s “Lambo VS Shredder” video with over 100 million views? That was Max’s work, too.

But what’s the secret behind this meteoric rise? It comes down to his passion, commitment, and desire to improve. As Max often shares, “A man who loves walking will get further than the one who loves the destination.” It’s not just about the end goal; it’s about the journey, the late nights, the trials, the errors, the moments of doubt, and the subsequent joy of achievement.

Max’s journey has a strong message for all artists, whether they’re into digital art, music, or any other form. It shows that obstacles, like military duties or money problems, are just small parts of your bigger story if you truly care about what you do.

Today, Max Emelyanov is more than just a 3D artist. He shows what can happen when you never give up on your dreams. At 23, Max is making visuals for people as famous as MrBeast. He proves you can achieve anything if you have a clear goal and work hard. So, start your own adventure, follow your heart, and know that success will come your way.