Livv Fitt Has Transformed the Fitness Industry as She Embraces New Founding Model Role

The fitness influencer is ready to take on the fitness world and inspire other female creators.  

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Livv Fit
Image Credit: Livv Fit

Livv Fitt — the popular fitness influencer and nutrition guru — took on a brand-new role as a certified talent officer for an undisclosed technology company this year. As part of Livv’s new job, she oversees new recruits and motivates them to use their skills. As the new founding model of the business, Livv is prepared to implement her experience to help others go above and beyond in their creative endeavors.

As a fitness trainer, influencer and model, Livv is no stranger to pressure and hard work. Among her most well-known gigs include being a certified fitness instructor, a NASM personal trainer and a fitness model. And these are only a few notable experiences that Livv has on her resume. 

While acclimating to the founding model role, Livv is ensuring that she encourages other women in the business to pursue their goals — primarily, female creators like her. Livv understands how difficult it is to acquire a huge social media following. However, she has proven that it’s not impossible! With millions of followers, Livv aspired to reach a wider variety of viewers. Now that she has the ability to help others in the same field, the fitness trainer will continue to encourage other women to accomplish what they deemed was impossible to build their brands. 

Livv Fitt

In her career path, Livv will juggle her own goals while motivating others to achieve theirs. Her overall plan is to offer an exercise regimen that pushes users both mentally and physically. Though her workouts are rigorous, Livv wants to inspire others to tap into their mental health through her program as well. After all, one feels the healthiest from within. 

Though some online influencers may come across as privileged, Livv started out with nothing. After the COVID-19 pandemic flipped businesses upside down, Livv found herself unemployed and unable to even hit the gym. So, she chose to evolve with what was considered the “new normal” at the time by creating her own online business. Thanks to her perseverance and tenacity, Livv’s social media following has skyrocketed to over two million followers on Instagram. 

Nevertheless, Livv hasn’t lost sight of how she got her start. This is precisely why she is equipped to assist other female creators reach their true potential.