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Tequila: What’s Real These Days? Why La Adelita Is a Step Above the Rest

La Adelita is committed to making authentic tequila the traditional way.

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La Adelita Tequila
Image Credit: La Adelita

Tequila was once considered the purest, most natural spirit from the agave plant, a traditional Mexican craft, is this still the case? HollywoodLife reached out to wine and spirits pioneer Chris Radomski for his views.

“Now, the recent tequila boom has been met with a landslide of new brands trying to cash in,” Chris tells HollywoodLife, and notes that many companies are using “additives” to “accelerate the production process and to change the classic flavors to hide flaws of cheap and immature agave, and to manipulate favor profile and color.”

During a night out, Chris urges consumers to question what they’re really putting in their bodies. “It may seem cool and hip to ring the bell on top of a fancy bottle, and watch the sparklers come out, but what are you drinking?” he questions, and says that a lot of the popular brands out there are simply “not regulated” and “not that healthy.”

La Adelita Tequila

La Adelita, on the other hand, is made the old-fashioned way in partnership with true Mexican craftsmen from single estate plantations and fully matured sustainably grown Blue Weber agave. Every step of the process is genuine.

Of course, the average customer may not know what to look for when determining how legit a tequila is — but Chris does, and La Adelita follows suit! “There’s a branch of the Mexican government called the CRT. It’s the only bona fide agency to independently check and confirm the authenticity of a tequila,” Chris explains.

“Other groups, who charge fees and advertising, claim they do as well, but most are suspect,” he reveals, and offers a secondary option. “Another good way is a full laboratory test, used commonly in the wine industry. La Adelita has taken the steps to have the CRT certify our tequilas. We have nothing to hide, and I don’t engage in masking!”

Chris warns, “Tequila is not supposed to smell like crème brûlée, vanilla or honey, and you may be ingesting tequila enhanced by artificial sweeteners.”