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How To Serve Educational Content to Children: Tips From Vania Mania Kids

Stars, cooking, law… What to shoot about? How to attract the target audience?

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In modern society, there are many interesting and popular topics that can be successfully covered on the Internet! One of these was occupied by the friendly large family of Diana and Evgeny Bolbat, who hosts the 22 million channel “Vania Mania Kids”. And this is not the limit, according to statistics, there are not so many children’s channels with such a large audience. And Diana was able to win the love of subscribers almost from the first days and continues to improve in the field of children’s educational content. Over the eight years of filming, they have studied such content inside and out, as well as their target audience – their interests and preferences. In this article, we will look at several working secrets shared with us by the creator of this major project, Diana.

Diana Bolbat

Diana, creative director and producer of the channel “Vania Mania Kids”, has a unique talent in the field of creating content for children. Its activities are of great importance for children’s education and development.

And it all started with the main motivation – to spend more time with children. Thanks to the filming, they not only had a full-fledged time to communicate with children but also a decent income in the future. And already now the channel’s audience is growing rapidly, inviting new viewers to watch! At the moment, the channel has about 15-20% of all viewers from the States, slightly less from Indonesia, India, and the UK. And also from Brazil, Argentina, and Europe.

Diana initially took the choice of the theme of the videos quite seriously. From the very beginning, Diana conceived the project not only as entertaining, but also useful. Therefore, educational videos are also broadcast on the channel of a large family. The main feature of the presentation of such content is easy and friendly. For example, the trick of small actors with a color orientation in commercials, where certain themes are revealed through colors: red, green, and yellow. The videos play with different colors, which certainly attracts the attention of kids, allowing them to better assimilate useful information through associations. Also a distinctive feature of the Vania Mania Kids channel are large, bright props and craft accessories. The study of the alphabet through huge letters, and elementary laws of physics through objects of different densities – some sink, others remain on the surface. And these are not the only examples of the original presentation of educational content.

Family Archive

After two years of working in Russian, Diana decided to switch to English in order to attract an even larger audience. She understands that successful channel management requires attracting a target audience with real views and likes, as well as studying their interests and preferences. Thus, Diana turned from a screenwriter, director, and prop designer into a PR specialist, creative, and analyst. For the successful development of the channel, it is necessary to expand the audience and bring it to a new level. The newly arrived multilingual audience assumes competent adaptation of the topics of the videos to each country, mentality, and most importantly to the language, which the family successfully copes with. The main viewers of the channel are, of course, children. Mostly, from two to six years old. Diana and Evgeny are well versed in this issue since they themselves are parents of beautiful children, aged 3, 4, and 5 years – and this is 100% of the audience of their channel.

Diana shows her unique abilities in working with children on the channel “Vania Mania Kids”. She creates meaningful content that fully engages young viewers in the educational process.

Filming is always a time–consuming and hard process. They include the preparation of actors, the creation of props, the memorization of the script, and much more. Shooting from the first take is so in general – aerobatics! But when working with babies, this is the only true option. Since they live these videos for real, the second time it will not be possible to capture the right mood, of the message. The kids do not play, thereby showing genuine emotions, which Diana and Evgeny try to achieve with each shooting. The parents can reshoot the footage with the older ones, if necessary since they are already playing as full-fledged actors. They know how to manage emotions, including one or another, depending on the subject of the video. In 90% of cases, everything turns out to be shot from the first take.

As for the devoted fans of the channel, this is a separate story. Every blogger strives for loyal and loving subscribers. Many arrange gatherings, frequent live broadcasts, and polls to get closer to their audience and get loyal fans. Our heroes are no exception, their fans often write, fly to Dubai, and wish to meet with the objects of their adoration. In Dubai, the authors of the children’s channel VaniaMania really felt their audience, here they are recognized at almost every step, come to hug and take pictures. For example, at the initiative of the Dubai Tourism Department, the first meeting with fans was organized in the famous MOTIONGATE theme park. This event was enthusiastically appreciated by the visiting guests, so such meetings can become a real tradition and are planned to be held throughout the GCC region.

For Diana, parents who personally subscribe to her on social networks are of particular value. Their gratitude for the work done makes them want to create further, making every little viewer happier. The actors of the channel often record video greetings for children at the request of their parents. These are the same fans who learned about the channel from their children and follow the life of a successful family themselves. Isn’t this the best reward? By making young viewers happier and more educated, young actors have also made an important contribution to their present and future. Parents noted that thanks to the YouTube channel, they have become open and confident. They are happy to perform at events, occupy leading positions among their classmates, are fond of interesting hobbies related to public speaking, and much more.

An equally interesting point is the question of which videos cause a special stir. In order to always stay in sight of subscribers and be interesting, you need to follow trends! This is the main rule of channel owners. It’s simply impossible to grow up on YouTube without him. Also in the videos, you need to implement your own chips, and identification marks, thanks to which the viewer will have the right association and genuine interest.

The common cause not only unites the Bolbat family, but also brings sincere pleasure to each of its members. In the near future, parents have plans to open each little actor on their own channel, where they will broadcast their personal interests, hobbies, and achievements. Ivan already has such a channel. Parents are sure that such a decision will only benefit, children will be able to realize themselves more actively. In addition, the family has set itself a global and unusual task – to transform the multimillion-dollar channel into a 2D animation cartoon, so loyal subscribers are already waiting for the first cartoon!