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Introducing Brella: The Revolutionary Concentrated Cocktail Mixer Redefining Liquor Shelves

Brella has burst onto the scene to elevate how you enjoy your favorite spirits.

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Transforming the traditional cocktail mixer, Brella supplies the ultimate liquor enhancer with refreshing convenience and flavors. With its revolutionary concept and a duo of masterminds at the helm, James Semrick and George Coyne, Brella is poised to become a category all its own.

Inspired by water enhancers and stick-pack mixes, Brella is a concentrated cocktail mixer that has gained significant traction and popularity. Brella’s flavorful drops add a colorful and tasty pop to seltzers and hard drinks. A pioneer in the space, Brella is the first of its kind and rooted in benefits like zero calories, zero sugar,

With a history of scaling alcoholic beverage brands, Semrick and Coyne identified a gap in the alcoholic beverage market. Noting how traditional mixers monopolized precious shelf space, often packed with sugar and calorie-laden ingredients, Semrick and Coyne birthed a more efficient and concentrated cocktail mixer: Brella Drops. The two overcame a fierce battle for prime shelf space in the extremely competitive world of beverage brands to bring Brella to the masses and venture toward building the Brella brand into a household name.


Brella electrifies your palette as a unique alternative to standard alcoholic beverages. There are no other concentrated cocktail mixers quite like it. The founders envision Brella as a category creator, seeing Brella bottles lined up by liquor in your local grocery store, the same way Crystal Light is placed next to juice and Gatorade in the beverages aisle.

Offering a new way to enjoy liquor without the bulk and excess calories, Brella can be enjoyed in three easy steps that cater to your tastes and act as your trusty pocket mixologist. Once you’ve picked out your perfect blend of soda and alcohol, all you have to do is squeeze the Brella drops into the drink, stir, and sip to turn it into a delectable cocktail that’s expertly crafted and tailored to you.

Brella Drops

Brella’s portable bottles can be enjoyed guilt-free thanks to them being impressively zero calories and zero sugar, vegan, gluten-free, and TSA-friendly. With four delicious flavors and more vibrant flavors on the horizon, Brella has endless potential to lift your spirits and soul, no matter the location.

Brella has received an overwhelmingly positive customer interest, selling over 20,000 bottles in just the past 60 days. The rave response speaks volumes about consumers’ love for the brand and its potential for a continued astronomic rise. After selling out, Brella has returned to shelves, allowing more people to enjoy all that it has to offer. With their sights set on becoming a national brand and owning the category, the future looks bright for Brella.

At the foundation of the Brella brand is the belief that great drinks effectively unite people. Evening the playing field, Brella allows everyone to feel like an expert mixologist with their easy-to-use squeeze bottles that are sure to add a spark to your liquor experience and become the next big thing in cocktail innovation.