From Court to Coach: Roman Kislainskii’s Journey to Gold-Level Tennis Mastery

Roman Kislainskii is a tennis legend & has a great story to tell about his journey.

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Image Credit: Roman Kislainskii

Professional tennis is a field that demands exceptional talent in order to make a name for oneself. Roman Kislainskii may have stepped away from playing tennis, but his love and dedication for the sport have never faded. Instead, he has transitioned into a tennis coach with an impressive track record of guiding his players towards victory. Kislainskii’s journey as a coach has been characterized by growth and remarkable success, solidifying his position within the world of tennis.

Kislainskiis’ deep connection with tennis traces back to when he was 8 years old. Despite having parents who were handball coaches, he was irresistibly drawn to the allure of tennis. Given his upbringing in a family that revolved around sports, it was only natural for Kislainskii to pursue a career in this sport. By his twenties, he had already established himself as one of the top 1,200 ranked tennis players worldwide—an extraordinary accomplishment indeed. Unfortunately, due to lack of resources at that time, he was unable to continue competing; however, this setback did not dampen his enthusiasm or dissuade him from pursuing his passion for the game.

Transitioning into coaching felt like a natural progression for Kislainskii. He returned to school and earned a degree in education, sports science, and tourism—a foundation that further solidified his expertise in the field. With excitement and determination to help other aspiring tennis players achieve their dreams, Kislainskii embarked on his coaching career with an ambitious promise—to transform Yulia Putintseva into a star player.

Under the guidance of Kislanskii, Putintseva has achieved success in the Women’s Tennis Association, quickly rising to the top 50 players in less than five years. Kislanskii played a role in training Putintseva during her performances at two Grand Slam tournaments: France in 2016 and New York in 2018. These achievements significantly boosted Putintseva’s ranking and established Kislainskii as a coach known for his unwavering dedication to helping his athletes reach their goals.

Kislainskii’s outstanding progress led him to receive the gold registered coach status from the Women’s Tennis Association, an honor reserved for top-tier coaches. This recognition serves as a testament to his commitment to nurturing his athlete’s potential. Despite facing challenges along the way, Kislanskii consistently puts his athletes’ needs first. He remains determined to guide them towards successful professional careers. 

The next tennis junior he hopes to work with is Milan Tyson, who is currently an aspiring athlete within the WTA circuit who dreams of competing at a professional level someday. Kislanskii would be proud to be her coach and eagerly anticipates witnessing her rise to prominence within the tennis world. As her coach, Kislanskii will focus on facilitating her transition into a professional competitor while uncovering her potential.

Kislanskii’s journey defies all odds as he has emerged as a coach within the Women’s Tennis Association, serving as an inspiration for aspiring coaches everywhere.

Being a coach with a gold registration, he has discovered his position in the world of sports and is committed to furthering his efforts in empowering athletes to fulfill their aspirations. With his background in tennis, both as a coach and a former professional player, Kislanskii excels in his field. He is driven to contribute more to the sport and will continue to help top athletes flourish by leveraging his vast expertise.