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Jeffree Star Slams James Charles 2 Years After Sexting Scandal in Scathing New Interview

The Jeffree Star Cosmetics founder called out the YouTube star on Sept. 11 for the prior sexting allegations against him while he also slammed Kim Kardashian.

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Jeffree Star Reignites Drama With James Charles in Scathing Interview
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The YouTube drama is reignited! Jeffree Star, 37, appeared in a teaser for the Sept. 13 episode of the Dumb Blonde podcast and called out James Charles, 24, for the prior sexting allegations against him. “I got c***** and thought that I could ‘expose’ someone else’s trauma and story to X-out someone else,” he said in part. “He is the biggest piece of s*** in the beauty industry.”

In addition, the internet personality claimed that “that person” did “not want” Jeffree to expose them. “That person did not want me to, therefore this person is still free,” he added. “And to see this person still out there… they’re not thriving like they used to be at all… It’s just interesting.” The Jeffree Star Cosmetics founder went on to add that the beauty industry has “demonic snakes” at play.

“He allegedly has done a lot of horrible things,” Jeffree continued. “He admitted to talking to minors… he is a f****** piece of s***.” When host, Bunnie XO, asked Jeffree if the allegations were true, he recalled James’ video where he “allegedly ‘not allegedly'” spoke about the sexting allegations. “One of the most vile human beings on this planet,” Jeffree quipped to Bunnie. HollywoodLife reached out to reps for James but did not receive an immediate response.

Later, Jeffree noted that he has not “addressed these things” in the past, however, he is not holding back now. “People aren’t ready for the truth,” he said. “Everyone wants to keep their mouth shut… why? If someone is bad – let people know.” He then went on to call out Kim Kardashian, 42, for “using” James’ makeup. “You have A-list celebrities literally using this s*** – yes Kim Kardashian we’re talking to you,” he added.

Interestingly, Jeffree did not name James until the end of the clip. “You’ll have to tell me who it is later so I can steer clear of that human,” the host said seconds before Jeffree named him. “Oh! His name is James Charles,” he said bluntly. Soon after Bunnie shared the clip with her 4.2 million followers, many of them took to the comments to react to Jeffree reigniting the drama with James.

“‘Oh his name is James Charles’ *the end* bro what. I was not expecting that,” one fan penned, while another added, “I knew who it was before he even said it.” Several others noted how much they enjoyed the way Jeffree called out James. “Oofff we Love a unfiltered Jeffee [sic] he’s not scared to ever drop that name!” an admirer quipped, while another chimed in with, “The tea has indeed been spilled.”

As previously mentioned, James was accused of allegedly speaking inappropriately to minors in 2021, as reported by Vulture. Shortly after the accusations, James took to YouTube to share a video titled Holding Myself Accountable, in which he broke his silence on the allegations. “As I did more research on these topics and self-reflected, I realized that the receipts and the screenshots and the specific details of the interaction really don’t matter because I f***** up, and I needed to take accountability for my actions and, most importantly, apologize to the people who were affected by them,” he said at the time.

Most recently, James spoke about the allegations during a Jul. 2023 interview with Cosmopolitan. “I’ve never been more disgusted in my life than when I found out that that kid was 16 years old,” he said. “I was mortified, absolutely mortified.” The mag clarified that James “has never been legally charged with engaging inappropriately with a minor” and that it has not been “proven” that he had “knowingly done so.”