Mick Fleetwood ‘Heartbroken’ After Losing Fleetwood’s On Front St. Restaurant In Maui Fires

Mick Fleetwood has suffered a major loss amid the wildfires blazing through Maui.

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Image Credit: Jim Ruymen/UPI/Shutterstock

There have been so many horrifying stories to come out of Maui since wildfires started blazing through the island. Many have lost their homes and businesses, while others sadly have lost love ones. While the death toll is still undetermined, those who called Maui home are taking stock of the damage. Among them is Mick Fleetwood, famed drummer with Fleetwood Mac, who opened a restaurant on Maui’s famous Front street in 2012. The restaurant has now been lost to the fire.


“MAUl and The Lahaina community have been my home for several decades,” Mick wrote on Instagram to confirm the sad news. “This is a devastating moment for MAUl and many are suffering unimaginable loss. Fleetwoods on front Street has been lost and while we are heartbroken our main priority is the safety of our dear staff and team members.”

He added, “On behalf of myself and my family I share my heartfelt thoughts and prayers for the people of MAUI. We are committed to supporting the community and those affected by this disaster in the days month and years to come.”


An arial view of buildings damaged in Lahaina, Hawaii as a result of a large wildfire tearing through the island. (Carter Barto/Handout/Shutterstock)


Management for the restaurant also confirmed on the place’s website that the it would be “closed until further notice.” “We do not have enough information at this time regarding Fleetwoods on Front St or any of our neighbors to share,” the establishment’s staff wrote on Instagram. “Mahalo for your continued thoughts and prayers for our ohana, community and our first responders.”

The Maui wildfires began ravaged through the community on Tuesday August 8. By the following Friday, authorities announced that the death toll had risen to at least 55 people and rescue efforts remain underway, per the Washington Post.

Many celebrities have extended a helping hand in this hour of need. Stars like Jennifer Aniston and Jason Momoa urged followers to make donations to local food banks and other organizations giving support to the displaced families and tourists on the island. Meanwhile, Oprah Winfrey, who owned property in Maui, was on hand at local shelters, distributing essentials to folks who really needed the kindness.

How You Can Help: The Hawai’i Community Foundation is accepting donations through its Maui Strong Fund. To donate, visit the fund’s website. Additionally, Maui Food Bank provides “safe and nutritious food” to anyone in Maui County who is at risk of going hungry, the organization says.  To donate, visit the food bank’s website.