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‘OutDaughtered’ Exclusive Preview: Danielle Hits Her ‘Tipping Point’ When The Girls Cause Chaos At The Store

Danielle gets frustrated when the girls mess all around the store as she's trying to work during a holiday rush.

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Adam brings the quints along to the store in hopes that he can help Danielle get a few things done in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the July 25 episode of OutDaughtered. Adam packs up a box and tells Hazel that she can write her name on it. When Danielle goes to show Adam how to do something else, Hazel continues to write all over the box.

Adam and Danielle in the new episode of ‘OutDaughtered.’ (TLC)

“I’m actually trying to work. I don’t know why y’all are here,” Danielle says. She gets annoyed that Hazel has “scribbled all over” the box that already has a shipping label on it.

The girls, looking for something to do, start messing around by hopping up on the table, putting on merchandise, and more. Adam tries to keep everyone under control, but it’s out of his hands. “This is a place of business. This is not working for me. This is not working,” a frustrated Danielle says.

In her confessional, Danielle admits that the whole situation “just hit the tipping point” for her. “The kids are constantly coming in and asking me questions or pulling me aside and making me stop what I’m trying to do,” she adds. Danielle says she’s never wanted working to be an excuse for not spending time with the kids.

Adam notices that the girls being at the store is just not working for Danielle. He tells Danielle that he’s going to take the quints out of her hair. “I’m trying my best to help, but I think I was hurting Danielle more than I was helping her,” Adam says. “I think I’m best suited at just like packing up all these orders and taking them to the post office.”

The girls cause chaos at Danielle’s store. (TLC)

The official synopsis for the July 25 episode reads: “It’s Christmas madness as the Bubsys rush from a dance recital to a Christmas parade to hosting a cookie party; last-minute staffing issues at the boutique put Danielle in a crunch; Danielle and Adam clash over her struggles to stay in shape.” New episodes of OutDaughtered air Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on TLC.