‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’ Reunion Part 2: Gary Apologizes To Mads Over ‘Uncalled For’ Period Comment 

In the wake of Gary coming under fire for questioning Mads about her period, Gary addressed the drama and apologized to Mads for what he said to her in the second episode of the 'Below Deck Sailing Yacht' reunion.

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There was no way Gary King wasn’t going to get asked about THAT comment during Part 2 of the Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 reunion. In the July 18 episode, Andy Cohen brought up Gary confronting Mads Herrera about supposedly being on her period when he “went down” on her. Gary dropped out of his computer camera’s view for a moment before returning to apologize.

Gary King
Gary King addresses his period comment toward Mads Herrera. (Bravo)

“Andy, Mads, I have to apologize, and I’ll apologize to you here in front of everyone. That was very uncalled for,” Gary told Mads. “You didn’t deserve that. No one deserves that. I’m really sorry. And I don’t actually want to answer anything about that, Andy, because that was probably one of the lowest points in the season I would say. That was quite rough. and no one deserves that. Sorry, Mads.”

Andy then asked Mads if she accepted Gary’s apology. “Yep,” she quickly said. The host continued to press Mads and asked if she was completely over Gary after he made that comment. “Yes. At that point, it’s also so late in the season,” Mads continued. “We’re all so exhausted and done. I think you see me say like, I hate everyone. I was so ready to leave and that was like the cherry on top. It was done.”

Daisy Kelliher chimed in and admitted she was “horrified” over what Gary said to Mads. She ended up screaming at him. “I was disgusted. Nobody should speak about another person in that manner in any way,” Daisy said during the reunion.

Mads Herrera
Mads Herrera accepts Gary’s apology. (Bravo)

Mads noted that she was only doing so well in the moment because Lucy was “there right from the jump” and “killed the tension.” She added, “I was also very shocked.”

This all started because of something Alex Propson told Gary. Alex brought up walking in on Gary going down on Mads and said he was surprised because Mads told him that she was on her period. (She was joking about it all along, by the way.) A fuming Gary rushed to confront Mads and unfairly chastised her in front of Lucy Edmunds and the cameras for not having the “common decency” to tell him not go to down on her. “Uncalled for” doesn’t even begin to describe what Gary did. Thankfully, Andy addressed the shocking situation with Gary and Mads.