‘RHOC’ Recap: Tamra Judge Claims Jennifer Pedranti’s Boyfriend Ryan Tried Having Sex With Her

Tamra dropped a bombshell about Jenn’s boyfriend during the July 5 episode of 'The Real Housewives of Orange County'.

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After the ladies took on ranch-hand tasks during the July 5 episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra Judge revealed some shocking information about Jennifer Pedranti‘s boyfriend, Ryan Boyajian. According to Tamra — just two weeks before Ryan started dating Jenn, he went into CUT Fitness, pointed at Tamra and told a mutual friend of theirs, “I’m going to f*** her”. But Tamra didn’t initially tell Jenn about her awkward interaction with Ryan. Instead, she told Shannon Beador and Heather Dubrow after the ladies downed some shots together.

Tamra further revealed that after Ryan discovered she was married, he still confidently declared that he was going to sleep with her. After all, he’s openly admitted to being attracted to married women. But that never happened — and Tamra was hesitant about sharing that information with Jenn because Eddie Judge never knew about it, and she didn’t want him to find out. So why bring it up now? Well, Tamra revealed it after the ladies started talking about Jenn’s history with Ryan and how he’s a known cheater who gets off on hooking up with married women. Plus, as we said, she had some alcohol in her system, so that didn’t help.

Later in the episode, Jenn discovered that Tamra had been talking to a few of the ladies about her history with Ryan, and she wanted to know why — so she asked Tamra directly. Tamra told Jenn that it’s probably because she has some “built up resentment” after Ryan tried having sex with her. Jenn had no idea about Ryan wanting to sleep with Tamra until that very moment, so she asked Tamra why they hadn’t had the conversation earlier. Tamra told her that it was because of how “disgusting” it was.

Tamra then told the group that Jenn’s estranged husband, Will, “caught” her and Ryan hooking up in a car, and that’s why her marriage ended. But Jenn said that’s not true. Jenn said she had an opening party for her business, and Will attended before leaving early. Ryan then called her to say he had a gift for her, so he brought it to her and gave it to her while they were in a car together. At that point, she claims they hadn’t even held hands yet, but she still felt an emotional connection to him, so she went home, told her husband about Ryan and said she was “done” with their marriage.

Still, Gina Kirschenheiter said it was a “s***ty” thing for Jenn to do to her husband. Even if Jenn and Ryan weren’t physical yet, they still had an emotional connection, and that’s cheating.

After Gina stormed off, Tamra pulled Jenn aside so they could talk privately. It was then that Tamra revealed Ryan sent a friend of hers a “d*** pic”. This was the same friend who Ryan confided in about wanting to sleep with Tamra, but Jenn said the “d*** pic” thing was a big misunderstanding. She claimed that he went to send the photo to her, even though they were sitting across from each other at the time, and he “accidentally” sent it to their friend, who is one of four people in his Snapchat contacts. Tamra wasn’t buying Ryan’s story, but Jenn did. “What 45-year-old man is sending Snapchat pics of their d*** to anybody?” Tamra asked in her confessional.

Even thought Ryan has never been able to commit to one person at a time, Jenn said she doesn’t choose to judge him for that. She also believes he’s faithful to her. Either way, moving forward, Jenn asked Tamra to go to her if she has any issues with her or Ryan, and Tamra said she would.

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