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Jenna Jameson Married: Former Adult Film Star Weds GF Jessi Lawless In Vegas

"I found the person that I truly should have always been with," Jenna gushed about her new wife.

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Congratulations are in order for Jenna Jameson and her new wife Jessi Lawless! The former adult film star, 49, got married to her gorgeous girlfriend, 40, during an intimate ceremony in Las Vegas on May 23, per People. “I found the person that I truly should have always been with,” Jenna gushed about her new bride to the outlet.

“I try to go over in my mind why I ever dated or married men, and it’s selfish and bad to say, but I think my driving force were children,” the mom of three divulged. “And now that I’ve really found myself, I’m just accepting of everything that I feel inside and don’t shove everything down.”

The couple made sure to have a bit of family with them when they said “I do” at the Little Church of the West, as Jenna’s parents once exchanged vows there are well, per People. The newlyweds said they plan to have a bigger celebration in the future, but for now they “run and gunned it,” as Jessi described their quickie nuptials. “Very Las Vegas,” she added.

Rocking a short white fringe dress, pink pumps and pink-dyed hair, Jenna, who said she plans on taking Jessi’s last name, looked every inch the beautiful bride, as seen in photos on her Instagram. Meanwhile, Jessi cut a classic figure in a black and white tuxedo jacket and matching pants.


#BornLawless has officially launched. Thanks again to my Queen @Jenna Jameson for being my first guest on the show.

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“I’m kind of balls to the wall and I ride the wave of my emotions,” Jameson shared of their dynamic. “I just want what I want. And Jessi is very reserved and she thinks everything through, and so it’s a good mesh for sure, because she grounds me and I set a fire under her a**.”

They also gave some insight into how this romance all started! Jenna was doing a little social media snooping when she came across Jessi’s TikTok and made an introduction. “I was crushing on Jessi for a long time because she’s quite large on TikTok and I love TikTok,” Jenna told People. “I just scroll at night when I’m trying to calm down, and I just loved her perspective on things, I related to it. So I just started mass commenting her trying to get her attention, and it seemed to have worked.”

Jessi admitted, however, that it took her a moment to realize a celebrity was knocking on her door, as Jenna uses a different name on her social media accounts. “I was like, ‘Who is this Jenna Can’t Lose?'” Jessi recalled. “It’s Jenna fu***** Jameson. Oh my God.”

Although Jessi was in a relationship at the time, as soon as that one fizzled out, she and Jenna struck up a romance in January. And then everything went warp speed! “I proposed to Jenna two months ago, and I did it in the privacy of our own bedroom,” Jessi explained to People. “I got down on one knee and I told her that she was the most incredible woman that I’d ever encountered and I could think of nothing better than for her to be my wife.”

Jenna added, “The future looks incredibly bright and I’m just so excited to be on this adventure with Jessi.” Congrats to the adorable couple!