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Tyler Posey Engaged To Phem: Actor Reveals He Secretly Proposed 3 Months Ago

Surprise! Tyler Posey is engaged. In fact, the 'Teen Wolf' star proposed to singer Phem months ago, and nobody knew – until now.

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If a teen wolf pops the question in California and nobody knows, is Tyler Posey really engaged? Turns out, yes – yes, he is. Tyler, 31, revealed to PEOPLE that he proposed to his girlfriend of two years, singer Phem, back in February. “We got engaged in Cambria, California. Phem’s favorite place,” he told the publication. “We spend every Valentine’s Day there, so it only felt perfect to do it there.”

“It was a total surprise,” he adds. “All my friends and loved ones kept it a secret, and I designed the ring without her knowing, so I’m very grateful she likes it!” The ring incorporates Phem’s favorite color, Green, and she told PEOPLE that the proposal caught her completely off guard. It was just us alone on the beach,” she said. “I should’ve known when he propped his phone up on a rock to film that something was up… but I had no idea.”

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The couple plans to wed in October. “We’re keeping it close to home and getting married at a very special place that means a lot to us,” says Tyler, adding that he and Phem are nearly done with the planning process. The event won’t be as extravagant as other Hollywood weddings, says the Teen Wolf alum. “We want a fairly intimate wedding. Or at least the ceremony, but the reception will be the dance party everyone can join,” he says. As for the exact location, the two aren’t saying since it’s close to their hearts. “Tyler and I are both very spiritually open people,” says Phem, “so it means a lot we are able to have the service at such a peaceful place.”

The couple, who teamed up for 2021’s Valentine’s Day In Hell podcast series, began dating in 2020 after working together on music for producer John Feldmann. “We bonded about singing about our exes,” Tyler told PEOPLE. Phem says she tried to keep it “strictly business,” and they developed a friendship first before evolving into something more.

Yes, that mustache was real. (AFF-USA/Shutterstock)

“From the jump, he validated my queerness even though I’m now with him, and that was really important to me,” says Phem. “He strives to be a better person every day, and I am so proud of his sobriety and commitment to self-growth. I’ve grown so much from watching how he navigates the world. We have a very unique relationship that I didn’t think was ever possible. He makes me laugh more than anyone, and we have so much fun together!”