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‘iCarly’s Nathan Kress Promises Answers About Carly & Freddie’s Feelings: There’s ‘Payoff’ (Exclusive)

Is Creddie finally happening? Nathan Kress reveals that 'iCarly' season 3 will address the Carly and Freddie situation after 15 years.

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After years and years of waiting, iCarly is going to finally address the elephant in the room: do Carly and Freddie truly have romantic feelings for each other? Will they finally get together? HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Nathan Kress about whether or not we’ll get an answer about Creddie’s future.

Miranda Cosgrove
Miranda Cosgrove and Nathan Kress as Carly and Freddie. (Paramount+)

“I want to say, yes. There’s obviously no way we could have ended season 2 the way that we did without actually having to face that question of: are we in love with each other or not? It’s not as simple as that. It’s complicated,” he said.

Jerry Trainor added that iCarly season 3 “delivers” on all the Creddie questions. Nathan continued, “It does and ultimately that’s what it comes down to. Fans are going to have a lot to process and dig into in this season, and there’s a lot of ways that everybody’s kind of relationship changes in the chosen family group that we have. It culminates in a way that you would not expect. There’s a lot of levels to this season.”

As for how Nathan feels about the Freddie and Carly situation, he admitted that “15 years does seem like about the cap you could put on a relationship like that. It gets to the point where if you burn too slow the fuse kind of goes out and people just say, oh, they’re just going to keep doing this forever. I have no reason to stay invested in this. I think that it was important for us to finally have that payoff and say, look, you hung around. Thank you. Here it is. We’re going to see what that really looks like that.”

Jerry, who is a self-proclaimed Creddie shipper, would love to see these two crazy kids finally get together. “He loves them both, and he’s happy to see them together if they get together,” Jerry said about Spencer’s reaction.

A scene from ‘iCarly’ season 3. (Paramount+)

As for Harper and Millicent, Laci Mosley teased that Harper is “very unserious this season. You see her work through her traumas in very silly, goofy ways, which I feel like is a light way to address things. You’re gonna see more of her past life where she used to talk about being rich. You’re gonna see that rich life, that soft life. Maybe some love, too. Maybe.”

Jaidyn Triplett revealed that Millicent goes through “some family struggle” toward the end of the season, which she’s “really glad” the show addressed. “I do want my character to be relatable for people my age and even older people who are going through the same thing,” she said. iCarly season 3 premieres June 1 on Paramount+.