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‘The Masked Singer’ Season 9 Winner: ‘My Biggest Goal’ Was To Make ‘Women Feel Empowered’ (Exclusive)

And 'The Masked Singer' season 9 winner is... Medusa! The singer reveals why this win means so much to her and how she's found a kindred spirit in Macaw.

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Bishop Briggs
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Singer Bishop Briggs is officially the winner of the Golden Mask trophy! The “River” songstress was crowned The Masked Singer season 9 champion during the May 17 finale, beating out David Archuleta’s Macaw. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with The Masked Singer’s latest winner about how it felt to come out on top after a hard-fought competition.

Bishop Briggs
Bishop Briggs has won ‘The Masked Singer’ season 9. (FOX)

“I filmed the show when I was six months postpartum, so I feel like it’s such a distinct chapter in my life,” Bishop said “I was pumping in between the hours of the show, and I think my biggest goal is that women feel empowered and that they know that they can be multiple things all at once. I think that’s my biggest takeaway from it.”

Bishop slayed every single performance throughout season 9, but her finale performances took the show to a new level. She performed Sia’s “Elastic Heart” and sealed her win with a rendition of My Chemical Romance’s “Welcome to the Black Parade.”

“That was a song that I begged the show to let me do,” the singer revealed of her final song choice. “I’m a huge fan of My Chemical Romance, and I felt like the finale was really this opportunity to say here is where I am as an artist. There are so many things to unpack. I can’t believe I got to stand on top of the piano. I was terrified. I pretended to be competent. But wow, that was terrifying. And there were flames behind me. It was truly a bucket list moment. And I just hope that My Chemical Romance feels proud of me.”

American Idol’s David Archuleta was the season 9 runner-up. When asked about collaborating in the future, Bishop said, “I would love that. I would love that so much. I feel like we are really kindred spirits, so that would be a dream.”

Bishop Briggs as Medusa. (FOX)

Bishop has an exciting summer ahead. She has a new EP coming out on June 23 titled When Everything Went Dark. “I really hope that the show gave a little taste of who I am as a musician and as a writer. I hope that people listen to it,” she said. She’s also gearing up for a tour and has released a new single titled “Baggage,” which is available now.

When looking back on her Masked Singer journey, Bishop revealed that her “biggest takeaway that I had was that it’s okay to have those moments of stillness and the emotion will still come across. Performing ‘New York, New York’ and ‘Someone Like You,’ I was so nervous just wanting to make sure that the emotion would come across even if I wasn’t storming around on stage and moving my body in such intense ways. So the fact that those moments of stillness translated, I think that was one of the biggest takeaways that I will have as a performer.”