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‘Mama June: Family Crisis’ Recap: Jessica Shannon Reveals She Has A Girlfriend

Pumpkin stormed out of the room after Jessica introduced her girlfriend to the family during the May 12 episode of 'Mama June: Family Crisis'.

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Jessica Shannon‘s big secret was finally revealed during the May 12 episode of Mama June: Family Crisis. But before we get to that — let’s start from the beginning. When Lauryn “Pumpkin” Efird went to Jessica’s house last week, Jessica was being pretty secretive. She hid a bunch of photos that were scattered around her place, and acted coy when Pumpkin asked about a bouquet of flowers that were on the table. And this week, while Jessica was grocery shopping with Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson, her phone kept blowing up. Jessica told Alana that it was Pumpkin texting her, but Alana didn’t fully believe her because Jessica kept smiling while reading the text messages. And then, when Alana got home and asked Pumpkin why she was texting Jessica so much, Pumpkin said it wasn’t her who was sending the messages. Clearly, Jessica was hiding something, and it wouldn’t be long before they all found out what that really was.

So why was Alana grocery shopping? Well, she was looking for items so she could cook some recipe she found on TikTok. But she didn’t have any money, so she asked Jessica to pay for the bill. Jessica obliged, but only if she could bring a guest with her to dinner at Pumpkin’s that evening. Alana said yes, and quickly returned home to tell Pumpkin and Josh Efird what had transpired at the store. They all suspected Jessica might be bringing a date to dinner, but they definitely weren’t expecting the bomb Jessica was about to drop.

Does Jessica have a new boyfriend? Not exactly. When she arrived at Pumpkin’s, she walked in with her female roommate. And after taking a bite of Alana’s home-cooked meal, Alana told Jessica that she was convinced she’d be bringing her “new boo” to dinner. She thought her suspicions had deceived her, but Jessica showed Alana her gut feeling was right when she said, “I did”. Jessica then told her family that Shyann McCant is her girlfriend.

Josh made a joke about Shyann being Jessica’s “roommate”, and Pumpkin stormed out of the room. Jessica asked Josh why Pumpkin was upset, but he didn’t know what to say — all he knew was she was “fine” before they walked in.

Meanwhile, Mama June found out the cause of her headaches, but Justin’s mom thought she was back on drugs. So they took her out to dinner, explained they’re not using drugs again, and revealed they’re going to be having a wedding. Justin’s mom seemed thrilled, as she thinks they’re really good for each other.

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