‘The Company You Keep’ Exclusive Preview: Emma Preps Charlie To Go Undercover & Things Get Heated

You can feel the chemistry between Emma and Charlie when she has to wire him up to go undercover.

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The Company You Keep
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Charlie’s got a lot riding on him, and Emma’s going to make sure he’s prepped and ready to go. In this EXCLUSIVE preview of the April 30 episode of The Company You Keep, Emma gets Charlie up to speed on his undercover assignment.

Charlie’s going to have to wear a wire so Emma can get what she needs on tape. They’re going old school. She admits that they haven’t used this in years. “Look, I know it’s unfair of me to push you to do this,” Emma says. Charlie assures her that he’ll be fine.

Charlie can’t exactly put on the wire himself. He has to take his shirt off in order for Emma to get the wire on. A shirtless Charlie — hello, Milo Ventimiglia! — is familiar territory for Emma. Their sexual tension is undeniable.

“Pretty good at this,” Charlie says to Emma. She replies, “Not my first rodeo.” These two just can’t keep their eyes off each other. Unfortunately, their staring contest gets interrupted by a message. “It’s time,” Charlie says.

The Company You Keep
Catherine Haena Kim and Milo Ventimiglia in ‘The Company You Keep.’ (ABC)

The official synopsis for the episode reads: “Realizing they want the same thing, Emma and Daphne agree to work together to take down the Maguires. Later, the Nicolettis consider selling the bar when a great offer comes their way, and David announces he is done with politics.”

HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Milo back in January 2023 about Charlie and Emma’s complicated dynamic. “From the moment they meet, you’re rooting for them. You truly are rooting for them because who they are fundamentally is very right in a partnership,” he said. “But who they have become because of their jobs, because of their worlds, because of what they’re born of — Emma of DC politics, Charlie from neighborhood bar grifting family, on paper it really doesn’t ring true. But if you strip everything away, you take the worlds out of it, it works. So then the question is: does it work? Does it actually work? Can it work? I think that’s the exploration.” The Company You Keep airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on ABC.