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Whoopi Goldberg Looks Wildly Different Hosting ‘The View’ Without Glasses For The First Time

The comedian revealed that she was now able to read without glasses after receiving new surgery to replace a lens in her eye.

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Whoopi Goldberg’s fans definitely noticed that there was something different about her when she was on The View on Monday, March 20. The show’s moderator, 67, revealed that she underwent surgery on her eye, making her able to see without glasses, and she showed off her new glasses-free look on the show. She was clearly very excited to no longer need glasses to help read on the talk show.

Co-host Sunny Hostin pointed out that Whoopi had come out on the show without her glasses, and the moderator revealed that she had undergone surgery to improve her sight. “I had an operation and they replaced the lens, and the lens they replaced it with is kind of like my eyeglass lens,” she said. “It isn’t cataract surgery, because I only have a cataract here [gesturing to her eye], but they can remove the lens when you have teeny tiny cataracts and replace them. There’s a word in here that I can’t read, only because I can’t pronounce it.”

Whoopi debuted her new glasses-free look on ‘The View.’ (ABC)

Whoopi looked so different without her signature lens, which she had worn for nearly 30 years. Towards the end of the segment, she commented on how different she looked without glasses, and she joked that her younger fans may not know what she looked like before she started wearing glasses. “Now, this is what I look like, and it’s not so bad,” she said.

Whoopi proceeded to explain that she had had problems reading a teleprompter without her glasses when the cast of Picard were guests on the show. She proceeded to demonstrate that her eyesight had improved by reading a pamphlet with the medical term for the condition, although she joked that she didn’t know how to say it. “If you have issues with your eyes, I don’t know if it works for everybody, but I’m telling you: I’m sitting here able to read that word I couldn’t pronounce and see this,” she said.

Whoopi revealed that she’s been wearing glasses for 28 years. (Gregory Pace/Shutterstock)

She continued and said that she was able to see the difference between her cataracts when her doctor demonstrated it. “I’ve only had one eye done, and when I went in on Friday, the lady held up a piece of white paper, and she said, ‘Put your hand over your eye,’ and it looked kinda white with a little tint of a tan, and then she said, ‘Put your hand over your other eye,’ and the paper was white as snow, and she said, ‘That’s the cataract you’re looking through,'” she said.

Whoopi explained that insurance would cover the operation, but patients would need to cover the cost of the lens, but she still encouraged everyone to get their eyes looked at. “So if you’re having any issues with your eyes, please go get them checked, because the bionic times have arrived,” she quipped.