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‘Power Book II: Ghost’s Alix Lapri Weighs In On Debate Over Lauren’s Fate: ‘Effie Does Not Miss’ (Exclusive)

There's been major debate amongst the 'Power' fandom about what actually happened to Lauren. Alix Lapri is putting the rumors to rest ahead of 'Power Book II: Ghost' season 3.

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The Power universe is never afraid to kill off a major character — or two. However, in the world of TV, if you didn’t see the body, the character could still be alive. That’s the case with Lauren Baldwin, who was seemingly killed off back in season 2.

So, what does Power star Alix Lapri have to say about the discourse? “I’ll say this: Effie does not miss,” Alix told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY during the Power Book II: Ghost season 3 press junket.

Cane, Effie, Tariq, and Brayden in season 3. (STARZ)

Brayden was ordered to kill Lauren after she secretly recorded him and Cane to try and expose the drug ring at Stansfield University. Effie showed up and appeared to handle Lauren’s death herself. However, we never saw Lauren’s body. Tariq was only told that she’d been found dead after a car accident.

Obviously, this is a huge secret that Brayden and Effie are keeping from Tariq, who was deeply upset over Lauren’s death. “I think that she’s trying to forget it, but every time she tries it just comes up just right in her face. I think it hurts her because she’s genuinely falling in love with this man,” Alix admitted about how Effie is dealing with the secret.

In the world of Power, betrayal is almost a guarantee. Tariq’s been burned before, but this revelation would shake his world. Michael Rainey Jr. revealed whether or not Tariq would be able to forgive Brayden or Effie for what happened to Lauren.

“For me, as Michael, I would not be forgiven nobody,” the actor said. ” Y’all could have at least told me what was going on. I understand the tactic. Y’all could have told me…”

Alix added, “I think the deception is the hurtful part.” Michael followed with, “I think that’s what will really get to him, trying to deceive me and act like nothing was really going on the whole time.”

Alix Lapri
Alix Lapri as Effie. (STARZ)

But that’s not the only problem Tariq has on his hands in Power Book II: Ghost season 3. Monet killed Mecca in the season 2 finale, and Detective Rodriguez spotted Tariq entering the building that same night. Rodriguez has had it out for Tariq, and she won’t go away quietly.

“I would definitely say as soon as Tariq thinks he’s out of something he steps his foot right into something else. That’s something that he definitely has to think about in the back of his head,” Michael said. Power Book II: Ghost season 3 premieres March 17 on STARZ.