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Jennifer Lawrence Attempts To Seduce A 19-Year-Old For A Car In Raunchy ‘No Hard Feelings’ Trailer

Jennifer Lawrence in a raunchy comedy? Yes, please. The Oscar winner shows off her comedy chops in the hilarious and racy first trailer for 'No Hard Feelings.'

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Jennifer Lawrence
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Desperate times call for desperate measures. Jennifer Lawrence stars in No Hard Feelings as Maddie, a woman who answers an online ad to date a couple’s 19-year-old son in exchange for a car. The parents want Maddie to bring their son Percy, played by Andrew Feldman, out of his shell. They want her to “date him hard.” Maddie accepts the challenge. “I’ll date his brains out,” Maddie says in the trailer.

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence in the ‘No Hard Feelings’ trailer. (Sony Pictures)

Dating Percy is easier said than done. When Percy thinks Maddie is kidnapping him, she gets pepper sprayed while driving. Maddie soon believes the kid is “unf***able.”

Maddie doesn’t give up, though. She continues to try and seduce Percy so she can save her mom’s house. There’s skinny dipping, dinners, and more. “I’m just a bit of a romantic,” Percy says. Maddie has some wise advice for Percy as he grows up. “The best part about getting older is not giving a f**k about what people think,” she says to him.

Things take a turn when Percy pukes his brains out at a party. He tries to throw a punch at the guy kicking him and Maddie out, but he accidentally strikes Maddie right in the throat. Jennifer chokes and gasps to breathe.

Andrew Feldman
Andrew Feldman plays Percy. (Sony Pictures)

The trailer ends with a naked Percy on the hood of Maddie’s car. She’s trying to outrun the police so she doesn’t lose her license. They get caught on the train tracks, and a train heads directly in their direction. No Hard Feelings also stars Laura Benanti, Matthew Broderick, and Natalie Morales.

No Hard Feelings is Jennifer’s first major theatrical release since Red Sparrow in 2018. Her recent films Causeway and Don’t Look Up were released via streaming. While the actress is fantastic in dramatic roles, she seems right at home in this comedy. No Hard Feelings, which Jennifer also produces, will hit theaters exclusively this summer.