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‘Family Karma’ Star Amrit Reveals He Almost ‘Called Off’ His Wedding After ‘Issues Surfaced’ (Exclusive)

Amrit admitted that 'baggage and insecurities' almost caused him and his partner Nicholas to cancel their wedding a day before guests were to arrive.

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Fans of Family Karma are finally getting a taste of Amrit Kapai and his partner Nicholas Kouchoukos’ big wedding! On the latest episode of the Bravo show, the highly anticipated matrimony is given its proper showcase, although viewers will have to tune it to see how it all unfolds… and if the couple even make it down the aisle! According to Amrit, who spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife, he and Nicholas were close to calling the whole thing off before cameras even started rolling!

“It absolutely got to that point,” Amrit admitted, as he acknowledged that the distinct challenges of a gay wedding with conservative parents (on both sides) can make for a dramatic experience. “It did get to a point where things got really real and issues had surfaced that hadn’t surfaced before and it was the first time.”

Amrit said the uncertainty began to brew at the start of their wedding week. “Our guests were arriving the next day and it was in that moment in time, I realized that we were all sort of bringing these issues and baggage and insecurities to the table. There was a moment where we did think, why did we do this? I don’t know that we it would’ve been as drastic as canceling, though there was that thought, but more of it was like, ‘Why, why did we do this? Why did we need such a public display of our wedding? and is it all worth it?’ There certainly were those thoughts.”

While the couple didn’t end up calling the wedding off, it is still to be determined if they made it down the aisle, so TUNE IN! And while Amrit couldn’t spill the tea on what transpired on the latest episode, he did dish on the Family Karma cast members who were the most helpful in their wedding planning!

Amrit Kapai and his partner Nicholas Kouchoukos considered calling off their wedding a day before guests arrived. (Bravo)

“It was Monica and it was Bali,” Amrit answered without hesitation. “It was Monica because she is like our dance guru. She is like the dance teacher of the group. She did ours. She taught Nicholas a solo, which viewers are gonna see. And Bali, because she really came through at the last minute. We wanted to include a custom candle and we kind of dropped the ball with getting those in time. She like swooped in and seriously, within 48 hours, we got the confirmation order. She knows how to get things done. The whole cast was so supportive, but they definitely helped with those specific tasks.”

As for Amrit and Nicholas’ plans to become parents, the handsome attorney said the couple have had a lot of love and support from their squad, including their conservative parents. “I always tell myself, and I tell Nicholas, that you have to have honest and open conversations with your folks because they’re learning just like you are. They don’t know how to handle this situation. We didn’t know how to handle this situation. We kind of are winging it most of the time.”

Amrit also divulged that he and Nichaolas are keeping the in-laws up to speed as they continue researching the different venues for becoming parents, including adoption. “We have brought up that conversation and I know they’re really excited to have grandkids in the picture. So we’ve had those conversations and we’re gonna continue having those important conversations with them because we want them to be part of our lives at the end of the day.”

Catch all the excitement and drama of Amrit & Nicholas’s big wedding day on Family Karma via Bravo on Sunday 2/19.