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Paul McCartney Almost Gets Hit By A Car On Iconic Abbey Road: Watch

While filming his daughter Mary McCartney's new documentary, Paul McCartney was nearly hit by a car while crossing the iconic Abbey Road crosswalk on Jan. 25.

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Image Credit: Larry Marano/Shutterstock

Over 54 years after The Beatles released their album Abbey Road, band alum Sir Paul McCartney, 80, was spotted nearly getting hit by a car while filming his daughter’s documentary, If These Walls Could Sing. During the outing, the “Come Together” hitmaker was seen crossing the iconic street when a Prius zoomed by and nearly knocked the legendary singer over. In the clip, Paul could be seen waving his hands in the air and losing his balance. He notably rocked a dark blue button-up, blue trousers, and black sneakers.

After the incident occurred, the official Twitter account for Abbey Road Studios took to the social media site to share the clip. “Close call for @PaulMcCartney on the Abbey Road crossing! In this clip from @MaryAMcCartney ’s [Mary McCartney] new documentary, a car narrowly misses Paul as he recreates the Abbey Road album cover,” they wrote. It was only a matter of time until many of Paul’s fans flooded the replies with their reactions. “McCartney must be the most chill guy in the world! Most people would be pissed as hell to have an oblivious driver almost hit them while blowing through a crosswalk!”, one supporter tweeted.

abbey road
The ‘Abbey Road’ album was photographed in 1969. (Andy Rain/EPA/Shutterstock)

Others replied with furious comments about the driver who almost knocked over the 80-year-old. “Very few drivers seem to know their Highway Code regarding Zebra crossings, they HAVE to stop if someone looks like they’re about to cross much less actually on the zebra crossing – I’ve had to run for my life a few times too,” one of the follower wrote. Despite the angry supporters, some defended the driver. “Hah, probably a local. When you drive by the studio everyday you get seriously tired of all the tourists stopping to have their photo taken. If the driver finds out it was Paul they’ll be well surprised,” the separate fan chimed in.

As mentioned above, Paul was being filmed crossing Abbey Road for his daughter’s documentary. Mary’s film, If These Walls Could Singwas released on Disney+ on Sept. 3, 2022, 53 years after her father’s album was released. Along with Paul, a few other hitmakers can be seen in the documentary including Elton JohnRoger WatersRingo Starr, and even filmmaker George Lucas. The doc takes a look at the iconic Abbey Road Studios, which was the recording studio for The Beatles for many years.

paul mccartney
Paul McCartney is a founding member of The Beatles. (Larry Marano/Shutterstock)

Paul was a founding member of the popular recording band from 1960 until the band broke up in 1970. Some of the group’s biggest hits include “I Want To Hold Your Hand”, “All My Loving”, “Let It Be”, and many more. The Beatles went on to win a total of seven Grammy Awards, along with earning 23 nominations during their career. Other members of the group aside from Paul and Ringo include the late George Harrison and John Lennon. During their prime there was phenomenon known as “Beatle Mania”, which referred to know insanely popular the group was.