Nicole Scherzinger’s Trainer Shares The Exact Barre Workout You Can Do At Home Without Props

It's no secret that Nicole Scherzinger has an incredibly toned figure & her trainer, Andrea Rogers, shared the exact workout that will get you in shape like the star.

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Nicole Scherzinger
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One thing for sure about Nicole Scherzinger is that she is in amazing shape. The 44-year-old works out hard and luckily, her trainer, Andrea Rogers, shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, how you can get toned like the star. The best part is, that Andrea’s workout involves zero props and can be done in the comfort of your own home – what’s better than that?

Nicole Scherzinger
Nicole Scherzinger. (Shutterstock)

Andrea shared her express no prop Xtend Barre Workout that starts with a warmup called “Centerfloor.” First set your body up with your feet wider than your hips, externally rotated, and in the second position, put your arms out to the side. Follow these three steps:

1. Plies – bend and extend legs for 4 reps slowly, then 8 reps tempo.

2. Plie Pulse – small pulse in plie for 16 reps.

3. Plie & Tendu – bend both legs, extend both legs, tap toe to tendu, bring arms overhead (5th position); repeat alternating tendu side 16 reps in tempo.

Next is the upper body workout which also involves three steps:

1. Tricep Dips – seated, fingertips facing hips, bend and extend elbows for 8 reps.

2. Advance Tricep Dips – repeat above while hovering hips off the mat. Do 8 reps/16 pulses

3. Wide Elbow Pushups – pushup on knees or extend legs, pushup 4-8 reps slowly, then 8 reps tempo, then 8 reps pulsing.

Next is the barre workout, which is done facing a barre or chair while your feet are together in a parallel stance.

1. Releves – Lift and lower heels, keeping straight legs. Do 8-16 reps.

2. Plies on releve – keeping heels high, bend legs to challenge zone, then return to start. Do 16 reps.

3. Plie Pulse on releve – keeping heels high, lower lift an inch, with bent knees. Do 16-32 reps.

4. Parallel Lunges – alternate legs lunging back to a 90-degree angle. Do 8-16 reps.

5. Parallel Lunge Jumps – to advance, repeat above jumping to switch lunges, alternating legs. Do 8-16 reps.

6. Foldover – Facing barre, feet together, knees bent, elbows on the barre, extend one leg back, begin to lift and lower straight leg. Do 8-16 reps.

7. Foldover Pulse – Hold leg at the top, pulse leg up for 16 reps. Repeat foldover on the other side.

Nex is the core workout that is done in a forearm or high plank.

1. Plank Hold – hold plank for 32 reps.

2. Hip Dips – twist hips side to side to activate obliques for 8-16 reps.

3. Alternating Passes – draw toe to knee, alternating legs to flow for 8-16 reps.

If you struggle to get motivated to do the workouts, Andrea suggested, “I see motivation as a perpetual cycle that begins with action, not mindset. It’s what I call, just press play!” She continued, “Motivation comes from doing the hard things – taking the action head on, out the gate. From the action, you’ll get positive results. This then leads to a motivation mindset. You’ll naturally want to keep going. It’s that momentum we talked about. It’s about getting things moving, start by taking the hard action.”

Andrea’s motivation cycle is as follows:

  • Just Press Play (take action)
  • Get results
  • Harness the motivation
  • Repeat