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‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’: Briana & Ashley Reunite After Their Horrible Social Media Feud

The cast of 'Teen Mom' said this would be the 'grandmother of all reunions', and they weren't joking. Check out our recap for the Jan. 3 season premiere and see what we mean.

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The Teen Mom stars and their moms all united for the first time ever — for some major drama — on the season premiere of Teen Mom Family Reunion on Jan. 3. And while some of the cast mates were just excited to partake in the various physical activities (they bungee jumped in this week’s episode) and get some therapy, tension built between Briana DeJesus and mom Roxanne, and Ashely Jones and mom Tea due to a horrible social media feud that went down before filming commenced, so the fun didn’t last very long.

Briana said that since the last season of Family Reunion, there was some “weird internet drama” with Ashley, and it was upsetting because the cast “made a pact” to not talk about each other online. Briana said because of Ashley’s online antics, she felt “trust was broken” and she had no interest in wanting “to fix it” as she arrived on set this season. Briana’s mom Roxanne said that Ashley’s mom Tea also got involved in the online drama, but she should “mind her own business” moving forward.

Apparently, Briana had said she wanted to “spit” on Kailyn Lowry after winning the lawsuit Kail brought against her, and Ashley defended Kailyn by saying no one should be spitting on anyone. “Briana didn’t like that and it turned into a whole f***ing thing,” Ashley explained. “Roxy [then] felt the need to jump in,” so Tea told her to keep her mouth shut.

So once Ashley and Tea arrived in the premiere, things became “awkward” super fast, as Ashley and Tea, and Briana and Roxanne refused to acknowledge each other. Fortunately, the group was quickly escorted to a bungee jumping activity, so there wasn’t a lot of room for conversation. But when Briana went to jump, Ashley and Roxanne walked away and sat in the sprinter van, refusing to cheer her on and celebrate her accomplishment. And that obviously made Briana and Roxanne pretty mad — more mad than they already were.

Back at the house, Catelynn Lowell shocked everyone with surprise guests — Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant stars Kiaya Elliott and Kayla Sessler, along with their own moms. But because Kiaya and her mom have their own beef with Ashley and Tea, the “negative energy” amongst the group got even worse.

Ashley said she “never had a problem” with Kiaya, so she was confused as to why Kiaya has an issue with her — she assumed it’s just “popular” to dislike her, but Kiaya said Ashley went online and wrote a bunch of negative stuff about her on Instagram. Anyway, Ashley said she’s just going to “do me” this season, so everyone else can just follow suit and not cause any drama. We’ll see how long that lasts…

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