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Padma Lakshmi’s Easy & Delicious Holiday Lassi Board: Recipe

The countdown to New Year's Eve is on, and we've got the perfect easy-to-make board for an at-home celebration.

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Padma Lakshmi is known for her easy recipes that fuse her North American and Indian cultures. With New Year’s Eve just days away, the Top Chef alum, 52, is sharing her easy to make Savory Holiday Lassi Board guaranteed to impress guests for an at-home celebration.

Padma Lahshmi’s Lassi Board. (courtesy of DAH!)

The trending recipe is a twist on the butter board that includes Padma’s signature Dah! Lassi, which is based on a traditional yogurt-based Indian drink. Padma’s version has a velvety texture thanks to the slow-culturing process that also makes it more nutritious with higher probiotic content and with less sugar to promote digestive health.

Padma Lakshmi enjoys her own Dah! Lassi. (courtesy of DAH!)

Beyond looking gorgeous and tasting delicious, the board also has plenty of health benefits to promote gut health. Check out the recipe below, along with a video of Padma putting together the board on TikTok.

Padma Lakshmi’s Lassi Board

  • Made with strained DAH! Lassi, first spread the Lassi all over the board (see below for where to purchase).
  • Then drizzle olive oil all over the Lassi.
  • Sprinkle sumac, smoked paprika and aleppo pepper.
  • Add dried apricot and mint to the board after sprinkling the spices. Pair with crackers, shortbread cookies, crispy parmesan and more, get as healthy as you like with the pairings.
  • You can also use fresh veggies like celery and cucumber, nuts and berries for the perfect holiday board pairing.

Tastier, tangy-er, healthier, and a whole lot easier to clean up than a butter board!🙃Just strain DAH!* lassi with a hung cheesecloth to get a yummy cultured yogurt spread that you can make sweet OR savory. I put down a layer of za’tar before adding sumac, smoked paprika, and aleppo pepper flakes and balanced it with fresh mint and chopped dried apricots. It made for a perfect savory holiday board. *if you use DAH! lassi, it’s also packed with 150 billion probiotics, more than any other drinkable yogurt or kefir. @DAH! (da-hee) #dahipartner

♬ original sound – Padma Lakshmi

DAH! is available at Sprouts, Whole Foods, Smart & Final and more — visit for full store locator and brand information.