Melanie Zanetti Teases Her ‘Favorite Episodes’ Of ‘Bluey’ Are Ahead & Talks Her Future As Mum (Exclusive)

The beloved series 'Bluey' has taken the world by storm. Melanie Zanetti opens up about show's success, what she's learned from Chilli, and the upcoming episodes.

Melanie Zanetti
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It’s all about Bluey! The animated series has become a massive hit around the globe, and Bluey’s just getting started. The adorable Blue Heeler puppy will make her balloon debut at the 2022 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on November 24. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Melanie Zanetti, who voices Chilli Heeler (a.k.a. Mum), about the impact of the show.

“I don’t think anyone could have predicted how big it was going to become,” Melanie admitted. But when I saw the first animatics, so like the beginning of the pilot, I knew it was special.” She added, “It’s been this just juggernaut of a show that started out as this little project in Brisbane, Australia.”

Children’s animated series have influenced kids for decades. Melanie knows that a show like Bluey is going to affect the younger generation. “I think, especially for kids, they’ve only been alive this short period of time. So whatever is happening in that period is going to have such a big impact,” she said. “As you get older, things get diluted, and it has to be something really huge for it to stick. But when you’re that age, you’re really ingesting quite deeply the media that you’re watching at the time. I think Bluey, in particular, just has the most beautiful messaging without being didactic or patronizing or shoving anything down your throat, which I think both kids and adults really appreciate. Because kids can tell whether they’re being talked at or talk to.”

The show isn’t just for kids. Parents have found themselves enjoying the animated series with their little ones. “Mums say Bluey’s ‘the only show that doesn’t make me want to bleed out my eyes when I have to watch it 1000 times over.’ Being able to make a show that appeals to parents and kids and grandparents… I have friends who are like, ‘I’m 36, I have no kids. I’m single, and I love this show.’ It really does have mass appeal. If you have kids, if you’ve ever been a kid, I think beautiful writing is beautiful writing regardless,” Melanie told HollywoodLife.

Bluey season 3 premiered in June 2022, and there’s another set of season 3 episodes yet to come. Melanie admitted that they’re “still working” on the episodes and doesn’t know when they’ll air. “Look, I know when you know,” she said. “The voices are the last to know, so not to my knowledge, but I do know some of the new ones that you’re going to get have some of my favorite episodes are in that batch. I’m really excited for America to get them.”

Over the course of voicing the role of Bluey’s mum, Melanie has learned “the importance of play and imaginative play and being really present with each other and owning everything. That’s one thing that I love about the parents in this show. They’re fallible, and they do make mistakes, and they apologize for it. I just think that’s the most beautiful modeling for parents out there.”

There’s no end in sight for Bluey, and Melanie has no plans to step away from voicing her character. “I think Chilli’s an incredibly easy character to love. She is smart and kind and warm. She’s really present with everyone, so I’ll be Chilli for as long as they’ll have me,” she said.

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