Jane Fonda Flirts With Rob Gronkowski In Hilarious ’80 For Brady’ Trailer: Watch

Anything for Tom Brady, right? Jane Fonda and her pals head to the Super Bowl to watch their sports idol play, and she ends up crossing paths with the Gronk.

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Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Rita Moreno, and Sally Field star in 80 For Brady as four best friends who decide to take a trip to the 2017 Super Bowl to watch the one and only Tom Brady play. These ladies aren’t just fans. Their superfans. Jane’s character, Trix, loves Rob Gronkowski and has even written Gronk erotica, which she has dubbed “sexy fan fiction.”

They want to see Tom play in what could be his last Super Bowl. “He’s almost 40. That’s like 80 in people years,” Lily says. These determined ladies set out on a mission, and they’re going to see it through.

Jane Fonda
Rita Moreno, Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, and Sally Field in ’80 For Brady.’ (Paramount Pictures)

When they get to the NFL Experience, they actually don’t have any tickets. They go to great lengths to get inside the stadium, with Sally competing in a Spicy BBQ Hot Wings Challenge hosted by Guy Fieri. Jane finds a handsome man, played by Harry Hamlin, to have a little bit of fun with during the trip.

They come across Billy Porter and ask for his help in getting tickets to the game. He tells security that the ladies are his dancers, and they prove it by showing off their moves.

Once inside the locker room, Jane meets the Gronk for the first time. It’s almost like love at first sight for the Gronk-fiction writer. “So big,” Jane says. Gronk, with a huge smile on his face, replies, “Thank you.” The flirt energy is major here.

Tom Brady
Tom Brady in ’80 For Brady.’ (Paramount Pictures)

The trailer ends with the ladies going to a party where they end up getting high on spiked drinks. Rita winds up in a room full of Guy Fieris while completely tripping. She even thinks she is Guy Fieri.

The movie also stars Rob Corddry, Alex Moffat, Bob Balaban, Glynn Turman, Sara Gilbert, Jimmy O. Yang, Ron Funches, and Matt Lauria. Tom will appear in the film as well. 80 For Brady will hit theaters on February 3, 2023.

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