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Lindsay Lohan Determined To Make ‘Freaky Friday’ Sequel With Jamie Lee Curtis: ‘They Have A Plot Developed’ (Exclusive)

Lindsay has had 'many phone calls' with Jamie Lee about 'Freaky Friday 2' as the original still 'means so much' to both actresses.

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Lindsay Lohan has been enjoying a resurgence in her career lately — see her new Netflix holiday movie Falling for Christmas — and the former child star wants to keep the momentum going! A source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife that the actress is eying a sequel to her 2003 cult comedy classic Freaky Friday to do exactly that… and she’s even been discussing the project with her co-star from the original: Jamie Lee Curtis!

Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan have been chatting up a sequel to 2003’s ‘Freaky Friday.’ (Everett Collection)

“[Lindsay and Jamie Lee] are certain that they are going to make this happen and they have a ton of incredibly talented and willing people around them who are extremely determined to get this project off the ground and in the works,” the insider began. “They already have a plot developed and are talking with several different studios and producers who are all extremely interested.”

Certainly, fans are freaking out over a possible Freaky Friday 2, but it appears Lindsay might also be having a moment, as it would mean another step in the right direction. “For Lindsay, it is coming full circle,” the source explained. “She is getting a second chance at her career, and she is determined to do it right this time. When she did Freaky Friday, that catapulted her into stardom. As she sits at the pinnacle of her massive comeback, she knows that this film will mean so much to her, just as it will to Jamie Lee.”

When the first Freaky Friday came out (which was actually the second, as it was a reboot of the 1976 film starring Jodie Foster), Lindsay was launched into the stratosphere of fame at the age of 16 with her flawless take on a body-switching comedy. Ever since the premiere, there has been talk of a sequel, which often comes from the stars themselves! Just a day ago, on Nov. 10, Jamie Lee took to her Instagram to share a snap of the co-stars together, writing, “Seeing @lindsaylohan sleigh the carpets and circuit shows with her Falling For Christmas @netflix movie makes me miss our time together and it’s Friday so I’m sayin I freakin miss her!”

Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis are both ready to make the ‘Freaky Friday’ sequel happen as soon as possible. (Everett Collection)

If that wasn’t an endorsement to start the cameras rolling on Freaky Friday 2, then perhaps Lindsay’s appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon a day before might do the trick. The singer said she and Jamie Lee discussed the sequel after she got a surprise message from the Halloween icon. “I was on set filming at the time and Jamie Lee Curtis writes you and you just get excited and distracted immediately. So I had to bring myself down to earth,” Lindsay told host Jimmy Fallon. “Then she said ‘Freaky Friday 2’ and I got more excited. We would both be into it.”

A second source close to the Herbie: Fully Loaded vet EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife that, all jokes aside, the dynamic duo are serious about reuniting. “Lindsay and Jamie Lee Curtis may seem like they are kidding about Freaky Friday 2, but it is anything but joking. Lindsay has been talking with Jamie Lee on many phone calls and both are into this, to the point they are already talking about how they are going to block out the time in their schedules.”

With Lindsay back to filming her second new movie for Netflix and Jamie Lee returning from her Halloween Ends promo tour, let’s hope the pair can clear their schedules and make Freaky Friday 2 happen!