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AEW’s Kris Statlander Reveals Why ‘Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes’ Led To The Worst Halloween Ever

While making her selections for 'The Sound Of Halloween' playlist, All Elite Wrestling's Kris Statlander shares how the theme song to one of George Clooney's earliest films resulted in a pretty sad Halloween night.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of AEW

Boo! It’s Halloween! Throughout October, HollywoodLife is running The Sound Of Halloweenwhere some of your favorite fiends of music, movies, television, and pop culture pick songs that should be on your Halloween 2022 playlist. Today, SAG-AFTRA stuntwoman, Create-A-Pro Graduate, and All Elite Wrestling wrestler Kris Statlander drops by to deliver some Halloween goodness.

(Courtesy of AEW)

“What are my plans for October and the rest of the year? Mostly just recovering from my knee surgery, getting stronger, and getting myself ready to get back in the ring,” Kris tells HollywoodLife. Kris suffered a torn ACL during an August episode of AEW Dark when attempting to do a “big boot” move. It was an innocuous move that resulted in injury. In the wake of something similar happening to “Hangman” Adam Page – who suffered a concussion during his World Title fight with Jon Moxley on the Oct. 18 episode of AEW Dynamite – it’s clear that those inside the ring are trained professionals, and the closest that fans should get to copying AEW wrestlers is by dressing up like them for Halloween.

There should be plenty of Statlanders trick-or-treating this year. Though she has shed her alien persona for a more grounded grappler identity, young fans might paint their face the way Kris Statlander did to dress as her. It might be better than the costume the young Statlander had to wear one year.

George Clooney in Return of the Killer Tomatoes (Everett Collection)

“In like, first or second grade, I was in dance, and we did a routine to a song called ‘Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes,'” Kris tells HollywoodLife, referring to the 1978 horror parody (and the 1978 sequel, Return of the Killer Tomatoes, which features a young George Clooney early on in his career.) “We were all dressed as giant tomatoes,” says Kris. “My mom forced me to reuse the costume by having my grandma see red beads onto it to make it a strawberry for Halloween. I told her I hated it, and I cried all day and it was the worst day of my life.”

Hopefully, Kris won’t feel so bad if HL includes the theme song to Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes along with her song selections for The Sound of Halloween.

Krist Statlander’s Halloween Playlist Songs

Bakar, “Ghosts”

Bakar, “Hell N Back”

The Wallflowers, “One Headlight”

Michael Jackson, “Thriller”

Lewis Lee & Tom Coleman, “Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes”

HollywoodLife: What do you think will be the most popular Halloween costume this year? What SHOULD be in your mind?   

Kris: Probably something from whatever tv shows were popular this year. What it should be? whatever you want as long as there’s a tiny bit of effort put into it

Do you have any particular October/Halloween traditions?  

I don’t really have any traditions, it’s not my favorite holiday but sometimes I’ll dress up if I can remember to find something to wear.

(Courtesy of AEW)

If given a budget and free range to do whatever, what horror movie would you star in? You can remake any film of the past, or you could create your own. 

I probably wouldn’t create my own and if I were to star in a movie, it would be Scary Movie or any spoof because I’m not a huge fan of horror movies. I don’t think I have a good terrified scream for films, so it wouldn’t be good.

What’s on tap for October for you — and the rest of the year?  

Mostly just recovering from my knee surgery. Getting stronger and getting myself ready to get back in the ring. It’s unfortunately the only thing I can really focus on right now, and I just want to heal as best as I can.