‘The View’ Host Alyssa Farah Griffin Reveals She Was Harassed For Taking Part In Jan. 6 Investigation

The former White House Communications Director opened up about getting name-called for assisting the House Select Committee.

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Image Credit: ABC/Jeff Lipsky

Alyssa Farah Griffin admitted that she’s received a number of attacks from former President Donald Trump’s supporters since she’s assisted the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 attack on the Capitol. The View co-host said that all the women who have come forward to provide information have had to endure since assisting the committee.

Alyssa was shown during the latest January 6 committee hearing on Thursday, October 13, which ended with Trump being subpoenaed to testify. During her committee interview, the political strategist admitted that Trump had acknowledged his loss in the 2020 election privately. The View host Joy Behar asked Alyssa if she’d received any backlash from testifying. “When I spoke out: death threats, harassment, I’ve been called a ‘whore,’ a ‘hoe,’ all the other women who did it were subjected to sexual harassment, violent threats,” she said. The show also tweeted out the video of the discussion.

The talk show co-host explained that she wasn’t the only person who came forward that’s received harassment. She pointed to former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson, who had to move after she testified in earlier hearings. “My friend Cassidy Hutchinson had to travel with US Marshalls for months. She had to leave her home and relocate,” she said.

Alyssa, who resigned from her position in the White House following the Capitol attack, revealed that she’d offered her help to Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger and other members of the committee, long before she gave the deposition that was shown. “I actually sat down with the committee long before hearings ever took place,” she said. “I reached out to Adam Kinzinger and said, ‘I want to help give the best road map I can to hold people accountable for that day.’ So I spent weeks sitting down with them before I did a formal deposition.”

Alyssa revealed some of the harassment she received for cooperating with the January 6 committee. (ABC/Jeff Lipsky)

Besides speaking about what she endured since coming forward, Alyssa also denounced the former president and explained that he was well aware that he was not the winner of the 2020 election. “Trump is a clear and present danger to American democracy. Trump knew that he lost, but he chose to lie about it, and many people chose to follow him,” she said on the show. Alyssa had made similar comments about Trump being aware he’d lost on Twitter, while the hearing was happening.

Alyssa has not shied away from speaking out against her former boss in interviews and on The View. In the next segment, she called for Americans to ensure that Trump doesn’t end up back in the White House for the 2024 election. “I think he deserves to be in a jumpsuit, but if that doesn’t happen, the next way we protect our democracy is making sure he’s not president again,” she said.

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