‘MAFS’ Exclusive Preview: Stacia’s ‘Disappointed’ That Nate’s Not Ready For Kids

Stacia and Nate don't see eye-to-eye when it comes to having and raising kids in this sneak peek of the all-new 'Married At First Sight.'

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While making guacamole, Nate and Stacia talk about something very important in relationships: kids. Nate asks Stacia her thoughts on “fun and kids.” Stacia is upfront in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the October 12 episode of Married At First Sight about how she feels about parenting and not losing herself in the process.

Stacia Married At First Sight
Stacia and Nate talking about having kids. (Lifetime)

“I just don’t want to be boring parents where all we’re doing is taking care of kids,” Stacia says. “I want to be able to have kids and still have fun and still do things that we enjoy doing, where our life is not revolving around just having a kid, and that’s all we are worried about, that’s all our time goes to. I don’t want that.”

For Nate, there is “no fun and babies.” He tells Stacia, “I don’t think they go hand in hand.” Nate goes on to say that he envisions “going hard and being a full-time dad at age like 0 all the way to around, I would say, at least 3.”

Stacia wonders about vacations and date nights after having kids. “Still go on dates, but going on vacation for a whole week, that’s a lot,” Nate admits.

Stacia understands that it will be “tough” to juggle everything, but she doesn’t think you can leave your baby at home for everything.

Stacia and Nate
Stacia and Nate are one of the season 15 couples. (Lifetime)

“It does seem like he doesn’t believe you can be a fun person and then also have kids, so I’m not sure if Nate’s going to be ready to have kids in a year. I’m disappointed but only time can tell,” Stacia says.

In the season 15 premiere, Stacia was vocal about wanting a family. “But I feel like as I get older, it’s pushing me a little bit further back with having kids. So I need to find somebody who is as serious and committed to wanting to you know build a family,” she said at the time. Married At Fight Sight season 15 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Lifetime.

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