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‘Raising Kanan’ Preview: Nicole’s Dad Makes A Confession To Jukebox

Nicole's dad has a heart-to-heart conversation with Jukebox at Nicole's grave in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the all-new episode of 'Power Book III: Raising Kanan.'

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Jukebox runs into Nicole’s dad while visiting Nicole’s graveside. Nicole’s dad is bringing flowers to his daughter’s grave. He takes the opportunity to tell Jukebox how he feels about her relationship with his daughter.

Hailey Kilgore
Hailey Kilgore as Jukebox. (STARZ)

“I’m glad that she knew what it felt like to be in love. I’m glad that you were in her life,” he tells Jukebox in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the October 2 episode of Power Book III: Raising Kanan. She tries to stop him from continuing, but there’s more that he has to say.

“You made my daughter happy. That’s all any parent wants for their child,” Nicole’s dad continues. He’s visibly upset and begins to cry. Jukebox sweetly hands him a handkerchief.

“Nicole cared about you, so I care about you. If there is ever anything that you need, Laverne. Anything at all. You knew where to find me,” he says. Jukebox nods her head.

Jukebox was devastated when Nicole died of a drug overdose in the first season. In season 2, Jukebox is still grappling with the grief of losing her first love.

Jukebox has also had to grow up fast. Her father, Marvin, attacked her when he found out about her sexuality. As Jukebox has to evolve and adapt to the world around her, this will cause tension between Jukebox and Kanan.

“I think that Jukebox is starting to see the world for what it really is, and she is maturing at a rate that is a lot faster than Kanan, and we’ll see how they start to differentiate in thought and opinion and fact. I’m excited to see how that relationship starts to unfold,” Hailey Kilgore told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY.

Hailey Kilgore
Hailey Kilgore and LeToya Luckett in ‘Raising Kanan.’ (STARZ)

Jukebox is also trying to forge a relationship with her mother, played by LeToya Luckett. ” The cool thing about those two is that they’re figuring their own lives out, and they’re coming together at a very interesting time in their lives,” Hailey revealed in our interview. “And so it’s really exciting to see how they find each other and how that relationship unfolds.”

In the October 2 episode, titled “No Love Lost,” a botched agreement with Marvin and an associate threatens everything. Burke gains traction in her investigation. Meanwhile, Raq searches for a new house. New episodes of Power Book III: Raising Kanan season 2 air Sundays on STARZ.