Martha Plimpton Won’t Be ‘Victimized’ By Republican ‘Bullies’ Taking Away Abortion Rights

The actress and activist is taking a stand against anti-abortion 'bullies' with her organization A Is For. They're destigmatizing abortion and raising funds for clinics and providers on the frontlines.

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Martha Plimpton
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Image Credit: Dianna Bush Photography

Martha Plimpton isn’t going to let Republicans “bully” people into giving up their reproductive rights. The Raising Hope actress and lifelong activist, 51,  has been a longtime crusader for abortion, but since the fall of Roe v. Wade defending the right to choose has become more important than ever. After years of seeing the right-wing whittle away at abortion access, she’s done with their fearmongering and misinformation.

“I think they’re so focused on the bloody coathanger,” Martha told HollywoodLife’s Editor-in-Chief Bonnie Fuller during this week’s HollywoodLife podcast “We’re not allowing ourselves to be victimized anymore by these bullies in our legislatures and in our judicial system.”

Martha became an abortion advocate after having the procedure at 19 years old. Now, she and her organization A Is For work to destigmatize abortion care and raise funds for the clinics and providers on the front lines. “[These providers] are heroes,” the Broadway talent said. “We want to celebrate them. We want to talk about their achievements. We want to talk about their dedication and we want to raise a lot of money for them.”

Martha Plimpton
Martha Plimpton knows fighting for abortion access is more important than ever sinced the fall of Roe. She’s working with her A Is For foundation to put women first. (Dianna Bush Photography)

This year the A Is For is back with its first in-person fundraiser since COVID struck in 2020. Broadway Acts for Abortion is bringing some of Broadway’s best performers together to support abortion care on Oct. 2, 2022.

Martha called the fundraiser a “knockdown, drag-out, fast pace, hilarious night” where patrons bid on the chance to choose what songs the performers will sing live and on the spot, without any preparation ahead. It’s crazy. It’s chaotic. It’s energetic, and the performers are completely [in the moment,]” she teased.

Broadway greats like Lea DeLaria and Patti LuPone are scheduled for the stage, and the no-cameras-allowed policy means the night is truly a once-in-a-lifetime affair. Remaining tickets are available at

Though Roe was overturned, Republicans know public support for reproductive rights is at an all-time high. But instead of listening to the needs of women and families, they’re doubling down on their anti-choice agenda.

Earlier this month, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina proposed a national 15-week ban on abortion, something which Martha thinks is a ploy to bolster their base.

“Lindsey Graham and these other troglodytes aren’t actually interested in the health and lives of women and babies. They never want to fund health care programs, they never want to fund early childhood education, never wanted to expand Medicaid, they never want to talk about child care, they never want to talk about any of that.”

“So whatever they want to say, I’m not buying it. It’s a cynical and destructive ploy to maintain power for a very, very tiny minority of white dudes with a few of their religious, white female allies. I’m not interested in that.”

Because of this, maintaining a majority in both houses of congress is absolutely “critical,” according to Martha. Urging people to take a stand, she explained, “I’m not a politician. I’m not a political analyst. I’m not a pundit… What I am here to do, is to encourage people to think about themselves, their autonomy, their personal freedom, as a critical element for what makes a country great.”

For more information on A Is For and their Broadway Acts For Women Benefit, visit Voter registration information can be found at HowTo.Vote. This year’s midterm elections take place nationwide on Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022.