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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Been ‘Pursuing’ Gigi Hadid: How She Feels About Dating Him

While Leonardo DiCaprio has his sights set on Gigi Hadid, she seems to be playing things cool. Is the bombshell too busy to date the superstar or is it something else?

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Leonardo DiCaprio, Gigi Hadid
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Leonardo DiCaprio, 47, may have the hots for Gigi Hadid, 27, but the model is in no rush to get into a relationship. Though the Oscar-winner has been “pursuing” the beauty, she has “no interest” in hooking up with the stud — or anyone for that matter. Insiders close to Gigi explained that while flattered by the attention “dating just isn’t a priority for her right now.”

A source told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, “Leo’s clearly got an interest in Gigi, he’s been pursuing her, but she’s playing it very cool because dating just isn’t a priority for her right now, between her daughter and everything she has going on with work, she has her hands full.”

Gigi and Leo were linked almost the moment his split from Camila Morrone was made public. Over the weekend during New York Fashion Week, they were spotted at a VIP party together.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Gigi Hadid
While Leonardo DiCaprio has been trying to woo Gigi Hadid, insiders say she’s too busy to date. Will he win her heart? (Shutterstock)

While things are certainly fun, Gigi is also taking things slow given Leo’s “reputation” as a playboy. The insider said it was “exciting to be getting this kind of attention from one of the biggest movie stars in the world,” the model is also “aware of his reputation” and was “warned to proceed with caution.”

Though the pairing is “nothing but a flirty friendship” at the moment, according to the first source, another insider said she’s not completely “closed off” to the idea. “People keep telling her what a catch he is and she isn’t completely closed off to the idea of dating him, but it’s just not where her head is at, at the moment,” they added. “She’s enjoying his friendship and getting to know him better for the moment.”

While Gigi and Leo’s friendship blossoms, her ex Zayn Malik reportedly still has “hopes of reuniting” with the beauty. Our insiders explained, “They’re on good terms right now for their daughter [Khai’s] sake but he’s made it clear he would love another chance with her.”

Given Zayn’s hopes for a reunion, the budding friendship has been “upsetting” for the One Direction singer. “Gigi is doing her best to manage it all, but it’s definitely stirring up drama on Zayn’s side that she’s having to deal with,” the insider explained.