Michelle Williams Shares Her ‘Candy Corn Love’ In New Song | Interview – Hollywood Life

Michelle Williams Proudly ‘Leads The Charge’ For Team Candy Corn With Sweet New Song

It wouldn't be Halloween without candy corn, and Michelle Williams tells HL EXCLUSIVELY why her heart beats yellow, orange and white with 'Candy Corn Love.'

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“This is an assignment,” Michelle Williams confidently tells HollywoodLife about “Candy Corn Love,” her new anthem for the much-maligned Halloween candy. The song, arriving today (Sept. 8), is a celebration of Michelle’s love of BRACH’S Candy Corn after decades of yellow-orange-white slander. “You know, when you’re seven years old, you’re never thinking you’re gonna lead the charge one day for candy corn,” she says. “But when you stand for what you love, certain assignments and purposes and calls to action just happen to come your way. And so I’m ready to lead it no matter what.”

“Candy Corn Love” is an unabashed love for BRACH’S Candy Corn, showcasing Michelle’s natural charisma and charm. She has imbued the anthem with the same joyous vibe she naturally effuses, which was by design. “They say you get more bees with honey,” she tells HollywoodLife, “and that’s what candy corn is — just as sweet as honey. It tastes like honey!”

“This is so hilarious for me to be talking about a love affair with candy corn,” she admits, “but candy corn has been sweet to me. So why not be sweet to candy corn? And why not let people be like, ‘okay, let me see what Michelle is talking about.'”

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“It was about two years ago that I decided I was going to take a chance and be loud and proud about my love for candy corn,” she shares. “And then this partnership happens like,’ bro, wait a minute. Now, are y’all serious?’ And it took me five minutes to write the song because I love it so much. I love it so much. It puts a smile on my face.

“Fall — the season of fall — kind of makes me sad because it’s the end of summer,” she says. “It’s the end of summer. Then, you got something so bright and sweet that I look forward to. I’m like, ‘I don’t care about the weather outside. I literally got something that’s sweet. I’m good. I’m good. So, bring it on, fall!”

BRACH’S Candy Corn

For those who share Michelle’s enthusiasm, BRACH’S is running a #TeamCandyCorn contest. From now until Oct. 6, fans who participate will be HalloWinning ™ spooktacular prize packs such as a year’s supply of candy corn, one-of-a-kind swag for the season and more. Simply comment on Michelle’s Instagram post corresponding to “Candy Corn Love,” tag a friend and “cornfess” your love for BRACH’S Candy Corn using #TeamCandyCorn and #BrachsSweepstakes to be automatically entered for the chance to win. See here for more details.

Michelle’s partnership with BRACH’S is more than just celebrating candy corn. It’s a counter-culture effort to get people to give the Halloween treat a chance instead of just jumping on the hate bandwagon. She wonders if the continual anti-Candy Corn pieces just put people off from actually trying them. “What have you not experienced because someone else told you, ‘bro, what are you doing?'” she ponders. “You know what I’m saying? It’s peer pressure.”

“You have to be the one that stands up and says, ‘I’m gonna open up this bag—'” It is at this point in her EXCLUSIVE chat with HollywoodLife that Michelle reached over for a bag of Brach’S Candy Corn “—and I’m gonna try it.'” Michelle then took a piece of Candy Corn, popped it in her mouth, and shouted. “Like, wait a minute. Wait a minute! This [Candy Corn] is the bomb!’ And then you’re so mad at yourself. All those years, you could have been enjoying it.”

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The question is, will Michelle and BRACH’S team with the other “corn” sensation – Tariq the “Corn Kid” – for a possible remix? Tariq’s love of corn went viral on TikTok over the summer, with help from The Gregory Brothers, and Michelle says she’s down if Tariq’s love extends to candy corn. “I’m here to collaborate with anybody that speaks of BRACH’S Candy Corn in such a positive light,” she says.

“Candy corn doesn’t have to hide anymore,” she adds. “I’ve got its back. You gotta go through me – you know what I’m saying? – before you come for candy corn.”