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‘Power Book III: Raising Kanan’ Preview: Kanan Probes For Answers After Howard’s Big Reveal

Kanan heads to jail to pay a visit to Vernon in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the all-new 'Power Book III: Raising Kanan.' Kanan asks about Def-Con and if he's really his father.

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Kanan Stark wants the answer to all these questions he has, and he’s going to get them one way or another. In this EXCLUSIVE preview of the September 4 episode of Power Book III: Raising Kanan, Kanan goes to jail to talk with Vernon, one of Def-Con’s pals.

MeKai Curtis
MeKai Curtis as Kanan Stark. (STARZ)

Kanan wants to know what kinds of things Def-Con used to say about him. “Did he even talk about me?” he asks. Vernon replies that Kanan was just a baby, so there wasn’t much to say. Turns out, Vernon has questions of his own.

“So, what did Raq say Def said?” Vernon asks Kanan. Kanan tells him that Raq would tell him stories about how “smart” Def was back in the day and how he had “mad respect” on the street. “Def had the whole south side on lock,” Vernon adds.

Kanan asks, “He’s definitely my father, right?” This provokes quite the response out of Vernon. “The f**k you just ask me? Is he definitely yo daddy? Who the f**k else was going to be your daddy? Is Raq telling you that she was with another ni**a at the time?” a heated Vernon says.

Kanan begins to backtrack when Vernon asks if Raq is telling him that she was with another guy at the time. “It’s nothing like that,” Kanan tells Vernon. “People just been sayin’ sh*t.”

Omar Epps
Omar Epps as Det. Howard. (STARZ)

Vernon responds, “You remind me of Def. You got the same eyes. The same heart.” He later says, “You a man now, Kanan… It’s time to get it, Kanan. Just like you daddy.”

Kanan is beginning to question everything in his life, especially who his father is. In the previous episode, Det. Howard tells Kanan that he’s his real father. He wants to be in Kanan’s life. Howard later reveals that not going to tell the police that Kanan shot him because he won’t do that to his “son.” New episodes of Power Book III: Raising Kanan air Sundays on STARZ.