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‘PLL: Original Sin’ Recap: The Angela Waters Mystery Deepens & 2 Major ‘PLL’ Nods Are Revealed

Imogen and Tabby took a trip to Rosewood (!) to find out more about what happened to Angela Waters, while Mouse learned a shocking family secret in the two new episodes of 'PLL: Original Sin.'

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The sixth episode of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin starts with Tabby opening up to Imogen about her assault. A group name came to the theater and asked her to go to a bonfire. She started drinking and felt dizzy. She began walking and found herself deep in the woods. The next thing she knew she was on the ground and someone was on top of her. She’s never told her mom. She’s never told anyone until now.

“I don’t know who it was either,” Imogen reveals to Tabby about the man who assaulted her and got her pregnant. “I remember even less than you do.”

Chandler Kinney
Chandler Kinney as Tabby. (HBO Max)

Imogen asks Tabby to go with her to meet Joseph Englund, who claims to have a connection to the moms and Angela Waters. They go to the trainyard to meet Joseph. He reveals that he was in love with Angela before the moms “adopted” her into their clique. “Angela couldn’t keep up with those girls,” Joseph says.

Imogen asks about Angela’s family. Angela only had a mother named Rose, who snapped after Angela’s death. She showed up at the high school with a butcher knife and tried to stab a table full of boys. Rose is apparently still at Radley Sanitarium (a place PLL fans know all too well), which is where Imogen and Tabby are headed next.

Shawn Stands Up For Noa

Faran asks Kelly to talk. Faran says she was “out of line” about the things she said. Kelly doesn’t accept her apology but tells Faran that she has her to thank for not being thrown out of Swan Lake. Later, Faran opens up to Henry about the upcoming performance. She also tells him about her scoliosis and corrective surgery.

In Pittsburgh, Faran’s mom, Corey, gets a package from A. “Some scares you see, some you don’t. But they all hurt,” A’s note read. In 1999, Corey took Angela to a tattoo parlor. Corey urged Angela to go first and get an “A” tattooed on her arm. When Angela was done, Corey was gone.

Malia Pyles
Malia Pyles as Mouse. (HBO Max)

Noa learns she has a spot on the track team, but she turns it down because of what she has going on at home. Back at her place, Shawn asks why she didn’t accept the spot on the track team. Noa tells him that her mom was fired for stealing drugs, and she needs to be there for her. Shawn still thinks Noah is giving up too much for her mom, but Noa won’t turn her back on her mother. After a candid conversation, Noa’s mom agrees to go to rehab.

While Noa is out, Shawn stops by the apartment. “Do you have any idea how badly you’re hurting your daughter’s life?” Shawn asks Noa’s mom. He tells her about the track team situation. When Noa returns, her mom reveals everything Shawn said to her. She’s so pissed she backs out of rehab.

At the school, Greg tries to make a move on Kelly. Kelly immediately backs away. She feels like she’s betraying her sister. “Maybe I always wanted you,” Greg says. Kelly initially gives in, but she eventually pushes him away. If he really wants her, Kelly’s going to make him work for it.

Tabby & Imogen Head To Rosewood

Mouse video chats with Steve after their Halloween meet-up. When Mouse goes bowling with Ash, Steve is there as well. She goes off on him and orders him to stop following her.

Radley Sanitarium has been shut down and turned into a hotel. Tabby knows that if they can figure out what went down with Angela Waters, they’ll figure out who A is. That means a road trip to Rosewood is on the books.

Zaria as Faran. (HBO Max)

After Faran’s performance in front of the ABT recruiter, Kelly blurts out that Faran has scoliosis in hopes of ruining her chances. However, the recruiter is even more impressed by Faran. At dinner, Corey mentions Faran having surgery to get rid of her scar. Faran’s dad is noticeably skeptical about the idea.

Faran goes to the appointment her mom made and comes out furious. Getting rid of the scar would require multiple surgeries. “You’ll be that much more beautiful,” Corey says. Faran wonders if the original surgery was even necessary.

While at the school alone, Kelly gets a text from A asking if she’s Kelly or Karen. A attacks Kelly in the auditorium. Just when A has her cornered, Kelly cries that she is, in fact, Kelly. Suddenly, A disappears.

Imogen Opens Up About Her Assault

In Rosewood, Tabby and Imogen learn that their guy, Eddie Lamb, won’t be available until tomorrow. They get a room at the Radley. Imogen stays in, while Tabby goes perusing at Ezra’s Bookstore (another nod to the original series).

The next day, Imogen and Tabby learn that Rose Waters was visited by 5 young ladies (ahem, the moms) who signed in under the name “A Waters.” After Radley closed down, the patients were either released or bussed to Sisters of Quiet Mercy in Riverdale. Rose was released despite having a psychotic break after Angela was raped and killed herself. They later learn that a sixth person also visited Rose.

Bailee Madison
Bailee Madison as Imogen. (HBO Max)

In her locker the next day, Faran finds her medical records. Her doctor advised “against surgery.” Her mom has been lying to her this whole time. In the midst of this revelation, Madame Giry lets Faran know that she will be dancing in Swan Lake after all now that Kelly has dropped out.

After their whirlwind trip to Rosewood, Imogen reveals what happened the night she was assaulted. Following her blowout with Karen, Imogen grabbed a bottle of vodka and went to the beach. The next day, she woke up without her underwear and blood on her dress. Tabby wonders if the man who raped her could also be the man who raped Imogen.

At the premiere of Swan Lake, Noa puts herself first for a change and tells her coach she wants to join the track team after all. Mouse spots Steve in the audience, creeping her out even more. Faran outs her mom’s horrible parenting style, which causes her mom to run out of the school in tears. After Faran’s perfect performance, her dad tells her that her mom has been in an accident.

Episode 7: Faran’s Dance Career Faces A New Hurdle

Elodie, Mouse’s mom, gets her own note from A about the Millwood Fall Carnival. In 1999, Angela and Elodie shared a kiss in the Hall of Mirrors. When Davie interrupted them, Elodie accused Angela of attacking her.

Ash asks Mouse to the carnival, but she doesn’t think she’ll be able to go. She reveals that the last time she went to the carnival she was nearly taken by a man. Meanwhile, Steve keeps texting Mouse. She threatens him to his face, but he’s got dirt on her, too. He knows that she’s reaching out to parents who lost kids. He also remembers her mom at a meeting for just that. “I wasn’t taken,” Mouse says before everything she thought she knew has been a lie. “The man who tried to take you wasn’t a stranger,” A texts Mouse.

Corey blames her own daughter for the crash and refuses to own up to anything she’s done to Faran over the years. After the success of Swan Lake, Faran is named the lead of Giselle, but Madame Giry also wants Faran to see a specialist after learning about her back pain.

Faran listens to Madame Giry and gets shocking news from the specialist. She has to have physical therapy, start wearing a brace, and sit out of dance for 6 months.

Imogen Considers Adoption & Mouse Learns A Family Secret

Upon their return, Tabby’s mom mentions the idea of adoption to Imogen, and she’s seriously considering it. Chip, her partner for a school exercise, accompanies Imogen to the adoption agency. They grab pizza together afterward, and he even asks her to the carnival. It’s been so long since Imogen has been truly happy.

The ‘PLL: Original Sin’ version of A. (HBO Max)

Mouse ends up going to the carnival after all, and that’s where Ash asks her to be his girlfriend. Everything seems to be going perfectly for everyone amidst all the chaos. Even Imogen and Chip share a kiss!

Meanwhile, Elodie gets a message from A: “If you’re not honest with Mouse, your worst fears will come true.” She freaks out and races to the carnival. Mouse and Ash go into the Hall of Mirrors where A is waiting for them. A chases them around, but they manage to escape. Elodie is outside the Hall of Mirrors ready to come clean with Mouse.

The man who tried to take Mouse all those years ago was her father. Elodie needed money, so she posed as a surrogate but ended up keeping Mouse for herself.

Just before Tabby and Imogen are going to open up about their attack, they get a new message from A. It’s a doozy. He sends them footage of Tyler, still dressed up as a Smurf, dead in a bathtub.