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Saucy Santana Embraces Himself As The New MTV Global Push Artist: It’s Who I ‘Know How To Be’

As the newest Global PUSH Artist, viral sensation Saucy Santana wants to show you how 'it's so easy' to live your true and best life, despite what you might think.

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Saucy Santana‘s music represents his journey – and the undeniable truth behind the “Material Girl” hitmaker. First influenced by the pop world of Britney Spears, P!nk, and Avril Lavigne, Saucy later gravitated more towards Future, Gucci Mane, and other rising hip-hop stars of the new millennium. Instead of having to make the difficult choice – pop or hip-hop? pop-punk or trap? glam or grime? – Saucy embraced it all, and that is why they are the MTV Global PUSH Artist for the month of August 2022.

“It’s so easy to wake up every day and be yourself, that’s you, that’s the only person you know how to be,” Saucy shares with his fans, “and that’s how I’ve gotten this far being Santana: the only way I know how.” That recipe has worked for Santana so far. After releasing his debut single in 2019, the Florida-based rapper started to build a buzz for himself. Recurring appearances on the third season of Love & Hip Hop: Miami helped him grow his fame, positioning him for success in 2021 when his single, “Walk,” went viral on TikTok.

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“Walk” earned a seal (or stamp) of approval from Nicki Minaj, and Santana would get another co-sign in 2022. After going viral for a second time with “Material Girl,” Santana drew the attention of the original – Madonna – and the two would perform together at NYC Pride in 2022. They’d later release “Material Gworrllllllll!,” a version of their collab. “It became a trend to basically do something regular but call yourself a material girl,” says Santana. “It was like using my Starbucks gift card for a frappuccino, ‘I’m a material girl!'”

His success also saw him make his late-night debut in August 2022, performing “Booty” on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. “‘ Booty’ is as loud as you can, driving around in the car,” explains Santana. “‘ Booty’ is getting ready for the club. ‘Booty’ is a workout — a lot of people I’m seeing are working out to the song… it’s a cardio record!”

Saucy Santana better get his cardio in since MTV PUSH Artists tend to travel across the world – before they end up running it.

(Courtesy of MTV PUSH)

Curated by MTV’s Music & Talent US & International teams, MTV PUSH connects fans across the globe with a new music artist every month through live performances, exclusive broadcast premieres of music videos, interviews, and exclusive video content. MTV PUSH Artists have gone on to be some of the biggest names in music, and past artists have included LizzoBillie EilishKhalidDoja CatBROCKHAMPTONH.E.R., Lil TeccaJack HarlowYUNGBLUDBazzi, Chloe x HalleSZAJorja SmithLauv, and more.

In 2022, MTV PUSH has spotlighted Doechii, Muni Long, Wet Leg, Omar Apollo, Shenseea, GAYLE, and Mae Muller. MTV PUSH will also have a presence at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards. Fans can now vote on the PUSH Performance Of The Year, voting for the following performers: Griff (“One Night”), Remi Wolf (“Sexy Villian”), Nessa Barrett (“i hope ur miserable until ur dead”), SEVENTEEN (“Rock with You”), Mae Muller (“Better Days”), GAYLE (“abcdefu”), Shenseea (“R U That”), Omar Apollo (“Tamagotchi”), Wet Leg (“Chaise Lounge”), Muni Long (“Baby Boo”), and Doechii (“Persuasive”).

Voting is open now at until  Friday, August 19, 2022 – thanks to Burger King®, the presenter of this year’s award voting. Voting for “Best New Artist,” presented by EXTRA® Gum, will remain active into the show on Sunday, August, 28, 2022.